a grand metamorphosis contributions to the spiritual scientific anthropology and education of adolescents

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A Grand Metamorphosis

Author : Peter Selg
ISBN : 9781621511014
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Rudolf Steiner S Intentions For The Anthroposophical Society

Author : Peter Selg
ISBN : 9780880108263
Genre : Education
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Written both in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Rudolf Steiners birth and in the context of the long-standing, episodically erupting, and ongoing confusion surrounding the mission and task of the Anthroposophical Society, Peter Selg seeks to recover what has perhaps been forgotten or overlooked in Rudolf Steiners own words and life. He does so by describing, clearly and objectively, the historical background of Steiners vision of the civilizational task of Anthroposophy and how he had hoped it might be accomplished.

Capping Costs

Author : Gerard Giordano, PhD, professor of education, University of North Florida
ISBN : 9781610484466
Genre : Education
File Size : 75. 55 MB
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Early and recent school reformers demanded greater funding. They insisted that they needed it to protect children, the economy, and the nation. This book uses the case method to analyze the budgets that they proposed, the rhetoric that they employed, and the resistance that they encountered.

Rudolf Steiner Life And Work Volume 3 1900 1914

Author : Peter Selg
ISBN : 9781621480907
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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This third volume of Peter Selg’s comprehensive presentation of Rudolf Steiner’s life and work begins with Steiner’s invitation to lecture in the Theosophical Society during the summer of 1900. From the outset of his theosophical involvement, Steiner was resolved to serve and develop the Western path to the spirit, traversed in full, conscious clarity of thought. He was therefore critical of the tendency to avoid the modern standards of a sound knowledge process in matters of spirituality and esotericism, and instead emphasized the importance of idealist philosophy as groundwork for understanding spiritual cognition. (“Whoever speaks of the coldness of the world of ideas can only think ideas, not experience them. Those who live the true life in the world of ideas feel in themselves the being of the world working in warmth that cannot be compared to anything else.” —Rudolf Steiner, Goethe's World View) Although his approach did not always harmonize with theosophical pursuits, Rudolf Steiner recognized the sincere striving at the basis of this movement and agreed to take on increasingly greater responsibility for the German Section. Marie von Sivers, who would later become his wife, was his most supportive colleague during this time. At a decisive juncture, Steiner broke from the Theosophical Society to found the Anthroposophical Society, through which he would continue the development of modern spiritual science more freely in accord with his original intentions. This volume covers the period during which Steiner wrote some of his foundational works: Christianity as Mystical Fact, Theosophy, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, and An Outline of Esoteric Science. Peter Selg also describes the building of the first Goetheanum in Dornach as an artistic embodiment of esoteric wisdom, giving rise to an international working community, as well as the performance of the mystery dramas and Rudolf Steiner’s profound Christological lectures known as the Fifth Gospel.

Speaking Listening Understanding

Author : Heinz Zimmermann
ISBN : 9781584205142
Genre :
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Books In Print 2009 2010

Author :
ISBN : 0835250210
Genre : Publishers' catalogs
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The Interpretation Of Cultures

Author : Clifford Geertz
ISBN : 9780465093564
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 71. 60 MB
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In The Interpretation of Cultures, the most original anthropologist of his generation moved far beyond the traditional confines of his discipline to develop an important new concept of culture. This groundbreaking book, winner of the 1974 Sorokin Award of the American Sociological Association, helped define for an entire generation of anthropologists what their field is ultimately about.

I Am Different From You

Author : Peter Selg
ISBN : 0880106581
Genre : Education
File Size : 23. 72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Within the brief compass of this masterful, inspiring book, Peter Selg conveys the heart of Waldorf education. He does so by focusing on a little recognized yet immensely significant "crisis" in children's lives, occurring around the age of nine. Often referred to by Rudolf Steiner, this crisis involves a profound transformation in children's relationship to their selves and the world.


Author : Peter Selg
ISBN : 9781621511137
File Size : 31. 35 MB
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"Not only do we pass through the gate of death as immortal beings, we also enter through the gate of birth as unborn beings. We need the term unbornness, as well as the term immortality, to encompass the whole human being." (Rudolf Steiner) As anyone who has had a child knows, newborns enter the earthly world as beings different from their parents. They arrive with their own individuality, being, and history. From the beginning, they manifest an essential dignity and a unique "I," which they clearly brought with them from the spiritual world. This unborn life of a person's higher individuality guides the whole process of incarnation. It frames our lives, but we fail to recognize this because of a single-minded focus on immortality, or life-after-death, which makes us forget the reality of our "unbornness." This unbornness extends not only from conception to birth, but also includes the whole existence and history of one's "I" in its long journey from the spiritual world to Earth. Unbornness-the other side of eternity-allows us to experience the fact that birth is just as great a mystery as is death. In a new and striking way, unbornness poses the mystery of our human task on Earth. It was one of Rudolf Steiner's great gifts that he returned the concept of unbornness to human consciousness and language. In this brief, stunning, and moving, almost poetic work, Peter Selg gathers the key elements and images needed to begin an understanding of-and wonder at-the vast scope of our unbornness. Drawing on and expanding on Steiner's work, as well as Raphael's Sistine Madonna and the poems of Nelly Sachs and Rainer Maria Rilke, Selg unveils this deepest mystery of human existence. After reading it, one will never look at a child or another human being in the same way again. Life after death life before birth; only by knowing both do we know eternity. (Rudolf Steiner) Unbornness is a translation of Ungeborenheit: Die Praexistenz des Menschen und der Weg zur Geburt (Verlag Ita Wegman Institut, 2009).

Nature And Society

Author : Philippe Descola
ISBN : 9781134827152
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 49. 50 MB
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The contributors to this book focus on the relationship between nature and society from a variety of theoretical and ethnographic perspectives. Their work draws upon recent developments in social theory, biology, ethnobiology, epistemology, sociology of science, and a wide array of ethnographic case studies -- from Amazonia, the Solomon Islands, Malaysia, the Mollucan Islands, rural comunities from Japan and north-west Europe, urban Greece, and laboratories of molecular biology and high-energy physics. The discussion is divided into three parts, emphasising the problems posed by the nature-culture dualism, some misguided attempts to respond to these problems, and potential avenues out of the current dilemmas of ecological discourse.

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