atonement law and justice the cross in historical and cultural contexts

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Atonement Law And Justice

Author : Adonis Vidu
ISBN : 9781441245328
Genre : Religion
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Adonis Vidu tackles an issue of great current debate in evangelical circles and of perennial interest in the Christian academy. He provides a critical reading of the history of major atonement theories, offering an in-depth analysis of the legal and political contexts within which they arose. The book engages the latest work in atonement theory and serves as a helpful resource for contemporary discussions. This is the only book that explores the impact of theories of law and justice on major historical atonement theories. Understanding this relationship yields a better understanding of atonement thinkers by situating them in their intellectual contexts. The book also explores the relevance of the doctrine of divine simplicity for atonement theory.

Locating Atonement

Author : Oliver D. Crisp
ISBN : 9780310521174
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47. 30 MB
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The proceedings of the third annual Los Angeles Theology Conference seek to identify the place of the doctrine of atonement in systematic theology. Locating Atonement: Explorations in Constructive Dogmatics intentionally excludes discussion of theories of atonement, typologies of those theories, and contests among various theories. Instead, it undertakes the question: What else is there to do in atonement theology besides rehashing types and theories?

So Great A Salvation

Author : Gene L. Green
ISBN : 9780802872746
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35. 1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Though the global center of Christianity has been shifting south and east for decades, very few biblical and theological resources have dealt with the seismic changes afoot. The Majority World Theology series seeks to remedy that lack by gathering well-regarded Christian thinkers from around the world to discuss the significance of Christian teaching in their respective contexts. This textbook series introduces students and scholars to these enlightening developments from the Majority World. In So Great a Salvation nine scholars from the global church reflect deeply on soteriology in the Majority World. For many Christians outside Europe and North America, the doctrine of salvation is not a mere theological construct but, rather, a matter of life and death. Taking African, Asian, Latin American, and First Nations cultural contexts into account, this book allows readers to see God's creative deliverance in a fresh light. CONTRIBUTORS: Milton Acosta (Colombian) Ray Aldred (Cree) Sung Wook Chung (Korean American) Rosinah Mmannana Gabaitse (Botswanan) Elaine W. F. Goh (Malaysian Chinese) Emily J. Choge Kerama (Kenyan) Jules A. Martinez-Olivieri (Puerto Rican) Daniel J. Treier (American) K. K. Yeo (Chinese American)

Jonathan Edwards On The Atonement

Author : Brandon James Crawford
ISBN : 9781532609978
Genre : Religion
File Size : 84. 16 MB
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The gospel is the heart of the Christian faith, and the atonement is the heart of the gospel. In this work, Pastor Brandon Crawford offers a study of the doctrine of atonement as it was understood by America's greatest theologian--Jonathan Edwards--setting his doctrine in the context of both his historical predecessors and his broader theology. This book provides important insights into the mind of this intellectual giant and the critical role that Edwards played in the trajectory of New England theology in the decades following his death.

Journal Of Biblical And Theological Studies Issue 3 2

Author : Daniel S. Diffey
ISBN : 9781532671623
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56. 18 MB
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The Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies (JBTS) is an academic journal focused on the fields of Bible and Theology from an inter-denominational point of view. The journal is comprised of an editorial board of scholars that represent several academic institutions throughout the world. JBTS is concerned with presenting high-level original scholarship in an approachable way. Academic journals are often written by scholars for other scholars. They are technical in nature, assuming a robust knowledge of the field. There are fewer journals that seek to introduce biblical and theological scholarship that is also accessible to students. JBTS seeks to provide high-level scholarship and research to both scholars and students, which results in original scholarship that is readable and accessible. As an inter-denominational journal JBTS is broadly evangelical. We accept contributions in all theological disciplines from any evangelical perspective. In particular, we encourage articles and book reviews within the fields of Old Testament, New Testament, Biblical Theology, Church History, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, Philosophical Theology, Philosophy, and Ethics.

Cross Covenant

Author : R. Larry Shelton
ISBN : 9780830856299
Genre : Religion
File Size : 74. 76 MB
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Seeking a fresh, missionally relevant account of Christ's work, Larry Shelton analyzes the biblical notion of sacrifice as a gift alongside other theories of atonement. He attempts to show a historical movement away from penal substitutionary theologies toward a Trinitarian-relational model.

Macht Dienst Demut

Author : Reinhard Feldmeier
ISBN : 3161521951
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40. 55 MB
Format : PDF
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English summary: Contradictory to a theologically undifferentiated comparison between power, which is seen as negative, and powerlessness, which is interpreted as positive, Reinhard Feldmeier shows that power is always the issue in the New Testament, from Jesus' proclamation of the kingdom of God to the Pauline designation of the gospel as the power of God and the reference to the Almighty God in the Revelation of John. In doing so, he distinguishes between the concepts of power: The power which the devil offers Jesus at the beginning has a different quality than the power which God grants to the Risen One in heaven and on earth. In view of the understanding of God's power, the author explains how this is a force which empowers others. In addition, he draws ethical conclusions in view of the way human beings deal with power in the community of believers as well as in the state. German description: Im Widerspruch zu einer theologisch undifferenzierten Gegenuberstellung von negativ verstandener Macht und positiv gedeuteter Ohnmacht zeigt Reinhard Feldmeier, dass es in der Botschaft des Neuen Testaments immer um Macht geht: Von der Reich-Gottes Verkundigung Jesu uber die paulinische Bestimmung des Evangeliums als Macht Gottes und die Erhohung Christi zur Rechten Gottes bis zum Allmachtigen in der Johannesoffenbarung. Allerdings wird dabei durchweg im Machtbegriff differenziert: Die Herrschaft uber die Konigreiche der Erde, die der Teufel am Anfang Jesus anbietet, ist eine qualitativ andere Macht als die dem Auferstandenen von Gott verliehene Macht im Himmel und auf Erden; die sieben Siegel der Johannesoffenbarung vermag nicht von ungefahr nur das geschlachtete Lamm zu offnen. Vor dem Hintergrund der Interaktion von Religion und Macht in der Antike fuhrt Reinhard Feldmeier diese Unterschiede zunachst im Blick auf die Macht Gottes aus. Dann zieht er aus dem Verstandnis der Macht Gottes als einer das Gegenuber ermachtigenden Kraft die ethischen Konsequenzen fur den menschlichen Umgang mit Macht, sowohl in der Gemeinschaft der Glaubenden wie im Staat. Schliesslich vertieft er diesen Gedanken dann noch einmal gezielt im Blick auf die Demut als eine Christus entsprechende Haltung und bricht damit eine Lanze fur diese heute eher verdachtige Tugend.

Cur Deus Homo

Author : Saint Anselm (Archbishop of Canterbury)
ISBN : LCCN:70377895
Genre : Atonement
File Size : 43. 66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Der Kater Mit Hut

Author : Dr. Seuss
ISBN : 349224078X
Genre : Bilderbuch
File Size : 43. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Two children sitting at home on a rainy day are visited by the Cat in the Hat who shows them some tricks and games.

Der Gott Der Lebendigen

Author : Hermann Spieckermann
ISBN : 3161553888
Genre :
File Size : 87. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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English summary: Focusing on the history of religion, the authors explore the Old and New Testaments in order to ascertain which basic knowledge is imparted about God as "the One who loves us." The dialogue between Old and New Testament experts results in a biblical theology which traces the theological topoi in their historical development and at the same time puts them in the order of their factually based importance as well as their logical context. German description: "Spieckermann und Feldmeier legen eine Gotteslehre vor, deren Lekture durch ihre theologische Klarheit, ihre ausgesprochen schone Sprache und ihren kreativen Stil beeindruckt. Fur ein intensives Studium, ob zur Auffrischung bibeltheologischer Kenntnisse oder zu einem ersten Herantasten an den Themenkomplex biblischer Theologie, ist das Buch ebenso geeignet wie fur eine separate Rezeption der in sich verstandlichen einzelnen Kapitel." Martin Nitsche in Theologie der Gegenwart 2012, Heft 4, S. 317-318 "Darin liegen fur Feldmeier und Spieckermann Gottes Zuwendung, Zumutung und Zuspruch gleichermassen begrundet, [...] dass im Neuen Testament "verdichtet" wird, was das Alte Testament "vorgedacht" hat. Sie finden damit zu einer Theologie, die sich weder auf historische Religionsformen noch auf "christliche Werte" herunterbrechen lasst. Sie finden zu einer Theologie, die ihr aufklarerisch-kritisches Moment selbst enthalt." Dirk Pilz in Berliner Zeitung, 19.3.2012 "Das Buch ist ein exzellentes Werk - in konziser Darlegung und in guter Zusammenfassung. So ist der Band allen Theologinnen und Theologen in kirchlicher und schulischer Praxis sehr zu empfehlen." Karl-Friedrich Wiggermann in PV-aktuell Nr. 2, 2011, S. 17

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