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Eastern Europe In The Twentieth Century And After

Author : R. J. Crampton
ISBN : 9781134712212
Genre : History
File Size : 40. 76 MB
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Covering all key Eastern European states and their history right up to the collapse of communism, this second edition of Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century – And After is a comprehensive political history of Eastern Europe taking in the whole of the century and the geographical area. Focusing on the attempt to create and maintain a functioning democracy, this new edition now: examines events in Bosnia and Herzegovina includes a new consideration of the evolution of the region since the revolutions of 1989–91 surveys the development of a market economy analyzes the realignment of Eastern Europe towards the West details the emergence of organized crime discusses each state individually includes an up-to-date bibliography. Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century – And After provides an accessible introduction to this key area which is invaluable to students of modern and political history.

Atlas Of Eastern Europe In The Twentieth Century

Author : Richard Crampton
ISBN : 9781317799511
Genre : History
File Size : 30. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Marshalling 129 maps, numerous diagrams and incisive textual commentary, the Atlas of Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century draws a definitive picture of the changing shape of Eastern and some of central Europe from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present, charting the emergence of a volatile world from the abrupt collapse of the communist system. An invaluable guide to a complex subject, this Atlas: * gives a general introduction to the physical, ethnic and religious composition of the region * includes summary maps of Eastern Europe in 1900, 1923, 1945 and 1994 * charts the ebb and flow of the first and second world wars in Eastern Europe * presents detailed information relating to consituent territories, elections, economic developments, land holding patterns for key individual countries in the inter-war years * provides crucial social and economic data, evidencing changes under communist domination * gives maps of the new states of the post-communist years with details of elections and economic indicators for Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Slovakia, and others. * contains an extensive glossary listing the major towns of the area under their linguistic variants

The Columbia History Of Eastern Europe In The Twentieth Century

Author : Joseph Held
ISBN : 0231076975
Genre : History
File Size : 34. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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-- New England Review of Books

Biographical Dictionary Of Central And Eastern Europe In The Twentieth Century

Author : Wojciech Roszkowski
ISBN : 9781317475941
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 23. 78 MB
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Drawing on newly accessible archives as well as memoirs and other sources, this biographical dictionary documents the lives of some two thousand notable figures in twentieth-century Central and Eastern Europe. A unique compendium of information that is not currently available in any other single resource, the dictionary provides concise profiles of the region's most important historical and cultural actors, from Ivo Andric to King Zog. Coverage includes Albania, Belarus, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Moldova, Ukraine, and the countries that made up Yugoslavia.

The Orthodox Church In Eastern Europe In The Twentieth Century

Author : Christine Chaillot
ISBN : 3034307098
Genre : Religion
File Size : 38. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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It is common knowledge that the majority of the population of Eastern Europe belong to the Christian Orthodox tradition. But how many people have an adequate knowledge of the past or even of the present of these Orthodox churches? This book aims to present an introduction to this history written for a general audience, both Christian and non-Christian.<BR> After the 1917 revolution in Russia, communism spread to most of the countries of Eastern Europe. By 1953, at the time of Stalin's death, the division between Eastern and Western Europe seemed absolute. However, the advent of <I>perestroika at the end of the 1980s brought about political changes that have enabled the Orthodox Church to develop once again in Eastern Europe.<BR> The foundation of the European Union in 1993 has had a broader significance for Orthodox communities, who can now participate in the future development of Europe. Some Orthodox Churches already have their representatives at the European Union in Brussels. These include the patriarchates of Constantinople, Russia and Romania, along with the Church of Greece and the Church of Cyprus.<BR> Today, Europe is becoming increasingly religiously diverse, even within Christianity itself. A growing number of Orthodox Christians have come to work and settle in Western Europe. An understanding of the history of the Orthodox communities in Eastern Europe in the twentieth century will contribute, in a spirit of informed dialogue, to the shaping of a new united Europe that is still in the process of expansion.<BR> This book is translated from the French version (published 2009).

Europe In The Twentieth Century

Author : Robert Paxton
ISBN : 9780495913191
Genre : History
File Size : 35. 7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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EUROPE IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY is a comprehensive text with a teachable chronological approach that is a bestseller because of its depth and breadth of coverage as well as the strength of its scholarship and the reputation of its authors. With the help of new co-author, Julie Hessler, the Fifth Edition is enhanced to include greater coverage of the post-war period. In addition, socio-cultural issues have been brought to the forefront for both Eastern and Western Europe, including youth movements and feminism. The first half of the text has been streamlined to allow for these revisions. Finally, this edition includes several new photographs and updated maps. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Ethnic Groups And Population Changes In Twentieth Century Eastern Europe History Data And Analysis

Author : Piotr Eberhardt
ISBN : 9781317470960
Genre : History
File Size : 45. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This unique reference traces the changing borders and ethnic balances that characterized the history of Eastern Europe during the twentieth century. After a preliminary overview, the book divides Eastern Europe into five regions, from the Baltic to the Balkans, and closely analyzes the ethnic structure of each region's constituent units over time. Summary chapters at the end of the volume present a comprehensive ethno-demographic portrait of the region at the start of the century, between the two world wars, and from the post-World War II period to the century's end. The volume is richly illustrated with more than sixty figures, hundreds of tables, and multi-lingual indexes of place names and ethnic groups.

Gender In Twentieth Century Eastern Europe And The Ussr

Author : Catherine Baker
ISBN : 9781137528049
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 69. 53 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A concise and accessible introduction to the gender histories of eastern Europe and the Soviet Union in the twentieth century. These essays juxtapose established topics in gender history such as motherhood, masculinities, work and activism with newer areas, such as the history of imprisonment and the transnational history of sexuality.

Gender And War In Twentieth Century Eastern Europe

Author : Nancy M. Wingfield
ISBN : 0253111935
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 76. 19 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume explores the role of gender on both the home and fighting fronts in eastern Europe during World Wars I and II. By using gender as a category of analysis, the authors seek to arrive at a more nuanced understanding of the subjective nature of wartime experience and its representations. While historians have long equated the fighting front with the masculine and the home front with the feminine, the contributors challenge these dichotomies, demonstrating that they are based on culturally embedded assumptions about heroism and sacrifice. Major themes include the ways in which wartime experiences challenge traditional gender roles; postwar restoration of gender order; collaboration and resistance; the body; and memory and commemoration.

A Social History Of Twentieth Century Europe

Author : Béla Tomka
ISBN : 9780415628433
Genre : History
File Size : 58. 23 MB
Format : PDF
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A Social History of Twentieth-Century Europe offers a systematic overview on major aspects of social life, including population, family and households, social inequalities and mobility, the welfare state, work, consumption and leisure, social cleavages in politics, urbanization as well as education, religion and culture. It also addresses major debates and diverging interpretations of historical and social research regarding the history of European societies in the past one hundred years. Organized in ten thematic chapters, this book takes an interdisciplinary approach, making use of the methods and results of not only history, but also sociology, demography, economics and political science. Béla Tomka presents both the diversity and the commonalities of European societies looking not just to Western European countries, but Eastern, Central and Southern European countries as well. A perfect introduction for all students of European history.

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