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Legion Of The Undead

Author : Michael Whitehead
ISBN : 1520901135
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When Roman legions march over the borders of the Empire they meet an enemy greater than any they have ever faced. Emperor Vespasian has ordered a push further into Germania than the legions have ever been and an enemy army is gathering to meet them. What neither side is prepared for is the darker force that they will both face. Indiscriminate and incapable of mercy, the new enemy will drive the Romans to the very brink of destruction.The Gates of Hades have opened and the Roman Legions must face what has escaped.

The Undying Legion Crown Key

Author : Clay Griffith
ISBN : 9780345540492
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 51. 73 MB
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A thrilling new Victorian-era urban fantasy for fans of Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles, the Showtime series Penny Dreadful, and the Sherlock Holmes movies featuring Robert Downey, Jr. With a flood of dark magic about to engulf Victorian London, can a handful of heroes vanquish a legion of the undead? When monster-hunter Malcolm MacFarlane comes across the gruesome aftermath of a ritual murder in a London church, he enlists the help of magician-scribe Simon Archer and alchemist extraordinaire Kate Anstruther. Studying the macabre scene, they struggle to understand obscure clues in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics carved into the victim’s heart—as well as bizarre mystical allusions to the romantic poetry of William Blake. One thing is clear: Some very potent black magic is at work. But this human sacrifice is only the first in a series of ritualized slayings. Desperate to save lives while there is still time, Simon, Kate, and Malcolm—along with gadget geek Penny Carter and Charlotte, an adolescent werewolf—track down a necromancer who is reanimating the deceased. As the team battles an unrelenting army of undead, a powerful Egyptian mummy, and serpentine demons, the necromancer proves an elusive quarry. And when the true purpose of the ritual is revealed, the gifted allies must confront a destructive force that is positively apocalyptic. Praise for The Undying Legion “Monstrously entertaining.”—Wit and Sin “These books are just pure unadulterated fun.”—Slapdash & Sundry “An impressive follow-up in the Crown & Key trilogy.”—Bibliophage “A pulse-pounding ride.”—Faire’s Fair “A delightful read! . . . The Undying Legion combines a thrilling well-developed plot with spectacular action sequences, witty banter, and unlikely heroes that are fabulously unique and fascinating.”—Goldilox and the Three Weres “Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. . . . This book was fantastic.”—Word Gurgle Praise for Clay and Susan Griffith’s The Shadow Revolution “Team Griffith creates a number of really compelling characters whose exploits will keep readers glued to the pages! Terrific!”—RT Book Reviews “A fast-paced, action-filled dark fantasy that is just sheer fun to read . . . The Shadow Revolution kicks off the Crown & Key series in spectacular fashion!”—Fresh Fiction “Werewolves, mad science, and plenty of smiting. Pass the popcorn.”—Emma Jane Holloway, author of The Baskerville Affair series "A thrilling read! Clay and Susan Griffith have crafted a gritty, action-packed Victorian-era fantasy world full of dark creatures, mystery, and magic—a must read for steampunk fans!”—Shawntelle Madison, author of the Coveted series From the Paperback edition.

The Legion Of Blood

Author : Wayne Schreiber
Genre : Fiction
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Based on historical fact and written in fiction the ‘Legion of Blood’ follows the story of the Iceni rebellion and two Roman soldiers as they are forced to choose sides when they become embroiled with the daughter of Queen Boudicca. When their master Catus Decianus stoops to the low of grave robbing he stirs something far greater than the Iceni Queen’s wrath – he unleashes the terror of the Undead. His demands and actions become increasingly insane as he is touched by darkness and brings turmoil to the region. A hidden identity is revealed and new alliances are forged as the darkness begins to spread across ancient Britain. Many will try and halt its spread, yet only one man has the ability to do so.

Dating The Undead

Author : Juliet Lyons
ISBN : 9781492645313
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 74. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Snarky, sexy, and steamy as a sauna." —KATIE MACALISTER, New York Times bestselling author There's more than one way to keep a vampire up all night. V-Date.com. It's the vampire dating site. And if you're a mortal who's getting a little too close to learning our secrets, I'm the guy who swoops in to make you forget. But don't worry: I only bite sometimes. I was great at my job until I met Silver—sarcastic, sexy, spunky Silver. I can't bring myself to make her forget about our kind. About me. It's all I can do not to throw her down on the kitchen counter and have my way with her, fangs and all. She says she's just looking for a good time, and I'm just the vampire to give it to her—over and over again. I went into this looking for a good tumble, but even I have to admit that things are changing between us. Good god, I want to hold her hand. In public. Undead Dating Service: Dating the Undead (Book 1) Romancing the Undead (Book 2) Praise for Dating the Undead: "Quick, sharp wit that sinks its fangs into the reader and doesn't let go!" —MOLLY HARPER, acclaimed author of Sweet Tea and Sympathy and the Half-Moon Hollow series

Legion Of The Damned

Author : William C. Dietz
ISBN : 1101495863
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88. 23 MB
Format : PDF
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The first novel in William C. Dietz's acclaimed Legion of the Damned series... There is one final choice for the hopeless—the terminally ill, the condemned criminals, the victims who cannot be saved: becoming cyborg soldiers in the Legion. Their human bodies are destroyed and they are reborn as living weapons. But when aliens attack the Empire, the Legion must choose sides. From the Paperback edition.

Undead Souths

Author : Eric G. Anderson
ISBN : 9780807161081
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 83. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Depictions of the undead in the American South are not limited to our modern versions, such as the vampires in True Blood and the zombies in The Walking Dead. As Undead Souths reveals, physical emanations of southern undeadness are legion, but undeadness also appears in symbolic, psychological, and cultural forms, including the social death endured by enslaved people, the Cult of the Lost Cause that resurrected the fallen heroes of the Confederacy as secular saints, and mourning rites revived by Native Americans forcibly removed from the American Southeast. To capture the manifold forms of southern haunting and horror, Undead Souths explores a variety of media and historical periods, establishes cultural crossings between the South and other regions within and outside of the U.S., and employs diverse theoretical and critical approaches. The result is an engaging and inclusive collection that chronicles the enduring connection between southern culture and the refusal of the dead to stay dead.

Undead In The West Ii

Author : Cynthia J. Miller
ISBN : 9780810892651
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 63. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This companion to Undead in the West (Scarecrow 2012) explores the blending of the Western genre with zombies, vampires, mummies, ghosts, and spirits in comics, graphic novels, literature, games, new media, fandom and material culture.

Undead Worlds

Author : Grivante
ISBN : 1626760403
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 74. 25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A collection of 22 short stories by top names in zombie fiction today.Each story is a new tale from within the authors zombie universe!

The Living And The Undead

Author : Gregory A. Waller
ISBN : 0252090330
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 65. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With a legacy stretching back into legend and folklore, the vampire in all its guises haunts the film and fiction of the twentieth century and remains the most enduring of all the monstrous threats that roam the landscapes of horror. In The Living and the Undead, Gregory A. Waller shows why this creature continues to fascinate us and why every generation reshapes the story of the violent confrontation between the living and the undead to fit new times. Examining a broad range of novels, stories, plays, films, and made-for-television movies, Waller focuses upon a series of interrelated texts: Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897); several film adaptations of Stoker's novel; F. W. Murnau's Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror (1922); Richard Matheson's I Am Legend (1954); Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot (1975); Werner Herzog's Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979); and George Romero's Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Dawn of the Dead (1979). All of these works, Waller argues, speak to our understanding and fear of evil and chaos, of desire and egotism, of slavish dependence and masterful control. This paperback edition of The Living and the Undead features a new preface in which Waller positions his analysis in relation to the explosion of vampire and zombie films, fiction, and criticism in the past twenty-five years.

Sundays With Vlad

Author : Paul Bibeau
ISBN : 9780307352781
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 88. 33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Examines Dracula as a cultural icon, describing his transformation from a fictional character in Bram Stoker's novel to a figure that has pervaded popular culture.

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