photographing the fallen a war graves photographer on the western front 1915 1919

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Photographing The Fallen

Author : Jeremy Gordon-Smith
ISBN : 1473893658
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Ivan Bawtree has left behind a vast array of archives that tell the story of his work as a photographer with the Graves Registration Units on the Western Front from 1915 to 1919. He traveled to numerous parts of Northern France and Flanders most notably the Ypres Salient to photograph and record graves of fallen soldiers on behalf of grieving relatives. He was one of only three professional photographers assigned to this task, hired by the newly formed Graves Registration Commission in 1915. Through his pencil and lens we gain detailed insight not just into the work he did and the men he worked with, but also aspects of the military zones, the perils of proximity to the Front Line, the devastation of war, and the birth and early work of the Imperial War Graves Commission. Today, the war cemeteries that Ivan saw spring up across battle-scarred landscapes and provide the most widespread and enduring reminder of the scale of loss and sacrifice of the Great War.

Digging The Trenches

Author : Andrew Robertshaw
ISBN : 9781844156719
Genre : History
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This books shows the readers how archaeology can be used to reveal the position of trenches, dugouts, and other battlefield features as well as to rediscovering what life on the Western Front was really like.

A Guide To The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

ISBN : 1908990929
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A Guide to The Commonwealth War Graves Commission looks at an extraordinary organisation carrying out an extraordinary task. Establishing the CWGC required people of huge vision to turn this terrible task into an international exemplar of how to honour the dead. The great founders, including Rudyard Kipling, took their task extremely seriously and devoted decades to designing and delivering their vision. As they enter their second century of operation, the CWGC Commissioners and staff around the world remain dedicated to holding high the torch of remembrance, conserving these special places so that the memories of those we look after are never lost to time.This guidebook is intended to show you some of the CWGC's treasures - to tell you more about a well-loved organisation and who they commemorate. It reviews the records and archives from the last century, explores the top CWGC sites alongside detailed maps (including Essex Farm Cemetery, Belgium; the Thiepval Memorial, France; Kohima War Cemetery, India; Tower Hill Memorial UK and more), highlights places not easily reached - and those most challenging to maintain - and summarises a view for the future. Trails for tours around Ieper (Ypres), Gallipoli, The Somme and The 'Forgotten Front' are included in detail. Featuring extracts from the remarkable archives in Maidenhead, which include records from the Commission's foundation up to the present day, this illustrated guide celebrates a century of dedication to the fallen and the CWGF commitment to engaging the wider community in the story of our common sacrifice and shared history.

Silent Landscape

Author : James Kerr
ISBN : 1911096036
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This is an illustrated book about the landscape of the Western Front where the First World War was fought, relentlessly, for over four years across a narrow ribbon of ground stretching some 440 miles from the North Sea to the Swiss border. All the destructive power then known to man was used here, with success and failure measured in yards rather than human cost. The character of the landscape was soon lost once the battles started in earnest, stripped bare of vegetation and topsoil, churned beyond recognition, with irrigation systems destroyed, woods and forests erased, high explosive shells and other man-made remnants of war littering the ground, and the remains of many thousands of soldiers laying on the battlefields. Towns and villages were rebuilt, concealing all trace of war for the next generation. But in the countryside there remained indelible scars. This landscape has gradually recovered thanks mostly to nature and regeneration, while that other enduring legacy of the war, the cemeteries, memorials, preserved trenches and battlefields, carefully tended as gardens and parkland, now provide an ordered sense of humanity. These places have become part of the landscape as if they had always been there, as indeed they now always will. The authors have explored the length of the Western Front, not just those places that resonate in Britain, but to less familiar stretches of the front-line where both allies and enemies faced each other, in low swamps, rolling hills, and rocky mountainsides. It has been something of a journey, since there were many fierce battles in places that are rarely if ever mentioned in British accounts of the war. Equally revealing is that most of these hidden parts of the Western Front are all well within a day's drive of the Channel ports. This book captures some of the haunting and evocative images of the Western Front landscape as it is now, using present-day photography. It focuses on the physical sweep of a place irrevocably changed by events that took place 100 years' ago.REVIEWS A beautifully-crafted book with a large number of stunning photographs by James Kerr, Silent Landscapes is a fitting tribute to the men and women who fought on the Western Front, while simultaneously offering the battlefield visitor a visually stunning accompaniment. The aerial images are fascinating, and the winter shots particularly striking. The book is highly recommended.Richard van Emden" ... Being a battlefield photographer myself I am always fascinated to see how other photographers view the world I take images in. This book is a real treat for that, with so many great photos, and not just from the Somme and Flanders, but the Vosges, Main de Massiges and some really stunning images of the Phantoms Memorial in the Marne. It is easy to get lost in a book like this, and the accompanying text is far from just dressing, it adds contexts to the photographs and makes this book one of the recent highlights of WW1 Centenary publishing. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys seeing images of the battlefields and those who wish to improve their own photographs." Paul Reed WWI blog & website

Lost Opportunity

Author : Simon J. House
ISBN : 1911096427
Genre : Ardennes (France)
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On 22 August 1914 - on a battlefield 100 kilometers wide stretching from Luxembourg to the River Meuse - two French and two German armies clashed in a series of encounters known collectively as the Battle of the Ardennes. On that day, 27,000 young French soldiers died - the bloodiest day in the military history of France (most of them in the Ardennes) - and yet it is almost unknown to English-speaking readers. There has never been an operational study of the Battle of the Ardennes in any language: at best, a single chapter in a history of greater scope; at least a monograph of an individual tactical encounter within the overall battle. This book fills a glaring gap in the study of the opening phase of the First World War - the Battles of the Frontiers - and provides fresh insight into both French and German plans for the prosecution of what was supposed to be a short war. At the center of this book lies a mystery: in a key encounter battle, one French Army corps led by a future Minister of War - General Pierre Roques - outnumbered its immediate opposition by nearly six to one and yet dismally failed to capitalize on that superiority. The question is how, and why. Intriguingly, there is a six-hour gap in the war diaries of all General Roques' units; it smacks of a cover-up. By a thorough investigation of German sources, and through the discovery of three vital messages buried in the French archives, it is now possible to piece together what happened during those missing hours and show how Roques threw away an opportunity to break the German line and advance unopposed deep into the hinterland beyond. The chimera of a clean break and exploitation that was to haunt the Allied High Command for the next four years in the trenches of the Western Front, was a brief and tantalizing opportunity for General Roques. The final part of this book seeks to answer the question 'why?' The history of both French and German prewar preparation reveals the political, economic and cultural differences that shaped the two opposing national armies. Those differences, in turn, predicated the behavior of General Roques and his men, as well as that of his German opponent. With a clear understanding of those differences, the reader may now understand how the French lost their best opportunity not only to stymie the Schlieffen Plan, but to change the course of the rest of the war. The author's text is supported by a separate map book containing c 50 newly commissioned color maps.

The Battlefields Of The First World War

Author : Peter Barton
ISBN : 1472111923
Genre : World War, 1914-1918
File Size : 85. 4 MB
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Here are the great battlefields of the First World War as you have never seen them before, from the first cavalry skirmishes, through the horrors of the Somme and Passchendaele, to the final weeks of conflict.A revelatory, unique collection of panoramic photographs covering the whole of the British sectors of the Western Front, end to end. No other work shows like this the actual ground on which the battles were fought and about which so many words continue to be written. The vast battlescapes are interspersed with poignant individual photographs and the recollections of the soldiers caught in the action.The last time most of the panoramas were viewed - in the trenches - they were marked TOP-SECRET and destined for the eyes of the commanding officer only. Taken at huge personal risk by specialist photographers during the war, the panoramas reveal what no other photographs can - the view beyond the trench parapet - and a great deal more. Each panorama offers a view of up to 160 degrees, so sharply focused that the individual figures of a waiting sniper or a soldier picking lice from his shirt can be made out. They document a lost world.This slipcased edition features 60 recently discovered German panoramas, plus a DVD containing the full complement of 350 panoramas in interactive, zoomable form; as well as updated mapping throughout.

Rats Alley

Author : Peter Chasseaud
ISBN : 9780750984904
Genre : History
File Size : 41. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book makes it possible to comprehend, via the trench naming, the daily life in the trenches, the vast range of weaponry and the lethal nature of the titanic battles. Names such as Lovers Lane, Doleful Post, Cyanide Trench and Gangrene Alley are as revealing as any history. While based upon the British trenches, there is a comparison with French and German practice. While a poignant concordance of suffering and an intriguing study of language itself, this book is also a vital research tool for military and family historians.

Silent Cities In Flanders Fields

Author : Wayne Evans
ISBN : 9401408572
Genre : History
File Size : 43. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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'Silent Cities' depicts the history of the 230 war cemeteries around Ypres, in the Salient and the rest of West Flanders. The most special graves are described and illustrated, sorted by cemetery. The stories of the most famous soldiers are highlighted in separate frameworks, giving the history of their origins and their lives. Silent Cities of Flanders Fields: WWI Cemeteries of Ypres Salient and West Flanders from the Belgian publishers Lannoo is a set of two books: a Visitor's Guide which also includes accommodation recommendations, plus a hardback providing more historical background.

For The Fallen

Author :
ISBN : 0749576472
Genre : History
File Size : 48. 41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A photographic tribute to the fallen of World War I through their final resting places Before World War I, soldiers who died while serving in the army of the British Empire could not expect a lasting or fitting memorial, so it was often their fate to be forgotten, their individuality lost in mass graves that largely went unmarked and unnoticed. World War I was to change that, because for the first time a remarkable organization--the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC)--was created to ensure the dead would never be forgotten. In For the Fallen, stunning images illustrate the work the CWGC does around the world, and captions provide insight into the history of this unique organization, the character of the cemeteries and memorials it built after World War I, and some of those who care for them. The book has been beautifully designed as a special centenary publication to honor those who died and provide a fitting tribute to the CWGC's work.

Epitaphs Of The Great War Passchendaele

Author : Sarah Wearne
ISBN : 1910500658
Genre :
File Size : 38. 31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Epitaphs of the Great War Passchendaele' is an edited collection of headstone inscriptions from the graves of those killed during the Third Battle of Ypres ? Passchendaele. Limited by the Imperial War Graves Commission to sixty-six characters ? far more restrictive than Twitter?s 140-character rule ? these inscriptions are masterpieces of compact emotion. But, as Sarah Wearne says, their enforced brevity means that many inscriptions rely on the reader being able to pick up on the references and allusions, or recognise the quotations ? and many twenty-first-century readers don?t. Consequently she has selected one hundred inscriptions from the battlefield cemeteries and by expanding the context ? religious, literary or personal ? she has been able to give full voice to the bereaved. This collection, the second in a short series, will be published to coincide with the centenary of the opening of the Passchendaele offensive on 31 July 1917. 0Together with Epitaphs of the Great War The Somme, published on 1 July 2016, these books cover the epitaphs of the ordinary and the famous, the privileged and the poor, the generals and the privates and, after a hundred years, give us an insight into what contemporaries believed they had been fighting for and how they viewed the loss of the men they had loved.

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