this could be us but you playin

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This Could Be Us But You Playin 3

Author : Cachet Johnson
ISBN : 1542938872
Genre :
File Size : 72. 15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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After working hard to keep her family together, Dominique is hit with a devastating blow. She finds out that the happy life she once thought she lived was nothing but a fa�ade when it comes to light that her fianc�, Deondre has been anything but faithful. Not only has he been cheating, but he had been doing so with the people who are closest to her. Overcome with grief from the shocking new information, Dominique lashes out the only way that she knows how, and finds herself in a world of trouble. As she's carted off to jail, she reflects on her life and decides that she is through playing the fool. The only problem is, Deondre isn't used to losing, and he doesn't plan on letting her go that easy. Kaleb is tired of playing the backup boyfriend, and choses to step away and allow Dominique to work on her family life. Now single, he realizes that he was a fool to put his love life in jeopardy over something that he knew deep down would never be. Like all men he wants his old thing back, and tries to repair the relationship that he had with Tiera. When she reveals that he is going to be father, Kaleb vows to right by his child. Things are great between the two of them, until Dominique comes back around. Will Kaleb keep his word and stay away, or will his love for her cause him to lose everything?

Dig If You Will The Picture

Author : Ben Greenman
ISBN : 9781250128379
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 45. 31 MB
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A unique and kaleidoscopic look into the life, legacy, and electricity of the pop legend Prince and his wideranging impact on our culture Ben Greenman, New York Times bestselling author, contributing writer to the New Yorker, and owner of thousands of recordings of Prince and Prince-related songs, knows intimately that there has never been a rock star as vibrant, mercurial, willfully contrary, experimental, or prolific as Prince. Uniting a diverse audience while remaining singularly himself, Prince was a tireless artist, a musical virtuoso and chameleon, and a pop-culture prophet who shattered traditional ideas of race and gender, rewrote the rules of identity, and redefined the role of sex in pop music. A polymath in his own right who collaborated with George Clinton and Questlove on their celebrated memoirs, Greenman has been listening to and writing about Prince since the mid-eighties. Here, with the passion of an obsessive fan and the skills of a critic, journalist, and novelist, he mines his encyclopedic knowledge of Prince’s music to tell both his story and the story of the paradigm-shifting ideas that he communicated to his millions of fans around the world. Greenman's take on Prince is the autobiography of a generation and its ideas. Asking a series of questions—not only “Who was Prince?” but “Who wasn’t he?” and “Who are we?”—Dig if You Will the Picture is a fitting tribute to an extraordinary talent.

Playing To Win

Author : Alan G. Lafley
ISBN : 9781422187395
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41. 5 MB
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Explains how companies must pinpoint business strategies to a few critically important choices, identifying common blunders while outlining simple exercises and questions that can guide day-to-day and long-term decisions.

Playing Off The Rail

Author : David McCumber
ISBN : 9780380729234
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 72. 80 MB
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At the age of 17, David McCumber was stricken with "road fever" that irresistible call to the itinerant life of a professional gambler. Twenty-two years later, he got the chance to follow that dream-not as a player but as the "stakehorse" (financial backer) for Tony Annigoni, a non-smoking, macrobiotic-eating "Renaissance Pool Hustler," student of Eastern religion, and master of the pure green-felt poetry of the dead stroke." With $27,000 in David's pocket they took off together on an astonishing four-month odyssey across America-traveling from seedy, hole-in-the-wall billiard parlors to high-class snooker rooms to high-tension pro tourneys, from Seattle to Miami and back again-exploring a shady twilight subculture and uniquely American mythos, in search of serious money, local glory...and the perfect hustle.

Ribbin Jivin And Playin The Dozens

Author : Herbert L. Foster
ISBN : 0962484709
Genre : Education
File Size : 70. 68 MB
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Every six months or so, a study reports about our inability to educate black males. Yet, after reading Ribbin', Jivin, and Playin' the Dozens: The Persistent Dilemma in Our Schools, teachers learned how to teach black males. Through 99 Realities and other examples, Ribbin', describes, discusses, and explains black male street corner language and behavior and how it is played out in the classroom. Too often, teachers misunderstand and misinterpret their black male student's language and behavior resulting in their black male students being referred to special education or considered a discipline problem disproportionate to their numbers in the school. Ribbin' will provide you with the educational insight to successfully educate black males-the information woefully lacking in contemporary education courses. Authentic examples are provided that demonstrates how some teachers handled challenging situations with their black male students to help you develop your own teaching style relative to your persona and student population. When you open Ribbin', Reality 1 is a must read, it recounts my first day of substitute teaching in the N. Y. C. Public Schools and what happened to me that Friday morning. I was so discouraged, I considered suicide that weekend because I always wanted to be a teacher and, after one day, I was a failure. However, read how I rebounded on Monday, and turned things around. To enhance your ability to teach black males, Chapter 8 about dress and grooming for teachers is a must. In brief, respect and feelings about yourself and your students is demonstrated by dressing professionally, at minimum, neat and clean. Your students expect you to dress well. Your students will keep a record of what you wear on what day and whether that stain has been cleaned away! Indeed, your students will compare notes on what car you drive, the watch you wear and your dress style. Chapter 5 Jive Lexicon and Verbal Communication is about words students may use to dupe or test you. Students must learn Standard English; the sine qua non to for economic success. Your students need a Standard English teaching model to emulate. However, teachers should learn the language their students use. It is viewed as "barrier busting" when students observe you trying to be hip and use their language-of course, this means "acceptable vocabulary." Moreover, it may be appropriate for your students to use the vernacular depending upon the subject you teach. Chapter 6 about classroom contests provides information about the "games" some students use to con, provoke, or test your "street" knowledge. "Playing the Dozens" from an historical perspective to how it playes out negatively in classrooms is described and explained. If you are unfamiliar with "Playing the Dozens"-also known by other names; best you learn. Hence, examples of teachers positively handling the dozens are presented. Reading Chapter 7 will help you through my Four Step Plan for Classroom Management and School Discipline. You need to get order for you to teach successfully. Your primary responsibility as a teacher is to figure out how to achieve an orderly and safe classroom so that your students can relax and allow you to teach them. If you wish to become a successful teacher, buy Ribbin'. If you want to be told how to become a teacher, do not buy Ribbin'. If you see yourself as a professional teacher, and willing to change your teaching behavior first, in order to get your students to change their behavior, purchase Ribbin'. In sum, a well-designed lesson plan will not ensure classroom success. Teachers must make educational and behavioral demands on students, black males in particular. Ribbin' demystifies this "persistent dilemma." Without a question, black males can and must be taught Standard English, mathematics, and the so-called middle class skills needed to make it economically in the U. S.

Playin On The Tracks

Author : Carter Robertson
ISBN : 9781624882708
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 43. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Playin’ On the Tracks" is the compelling story of Carter Robertson’s transformation from a child of the rural Pentecostal church culture to a world-class performer at the epicenter of Country Music’s “Outlaw Movement”. From California’s Dust Bowl heritage of the 1950s to the Height-Ashbury of the 60s and 70s, this quintessentially American tale chronicles her journey of innocence, turmoil, and triumph in parallel with one of the most turbulent periods in the country’s history. "Playin’ On the Tracks" is your backstage pass to Carter’s irreverent and inspiring world, where Country music rules, humor softens real life tragedies, and perceived failures result in redemption and the attainment of the American Dream.

Playing It My Way

Author : Sachin Tendulkar
ISBN : 9781473605190
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 84. 37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The greatest run-scorer in the history of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar retired in 2013 after an astonishing 24 years at the top. The most celebrated Indian cricketer of all time, he received the Bharat Ratna Award - India's highest civilian honour - on the day of his retirement. Now Sachin Tendulkar tells his own remarkable story - from his first Test cap at the age of 16 to his 100th international century and the emotional final farewell that brought his country to a standstill. When a boisterous Mumbai youngster's excess energies were channelled into cricket, the result was record-breaking schoolboy batting exploits that launched the career of a cricketing phenomenon. Before long Sachin Tendulkar was the cornerstone of India's batting line-up, his every move watched by a cricket-mad nation's devoted followers. Never has a cricketer been burdened with so many expectations; never has a cricketer performed at such a high level for so long and with such style - scoring more runs and making more centuries than any other player, in both Tests and one-day games. And perhaps only one cricketer could have brought together a shocked nation by defiantly scoring a Test century shortly after terrorist attacks rocked Mumbai. His many achievements with India include winning the World Cup and topping the world Test rankings. Yet he has also known his fair share of frustration and failure - from injuries and early World Cup exits to stinging criticism from the press, especially during his unhappy tenure as captain. Despite his celebrity status, Sachin Tendulkar has always remained a very private man, devoted to his family and his country. Now, for the first time, he provides a fascinating insight into his personal life and gives a frank and revealing account of a sporting life like no other.

American War Machine

Author : Peter Dale Scott
ISBN : 9781442205895
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 66. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This provocative, thoroughly researched book explores the covert aspects of U.S. foreign policy. Prominent political analyst Peter Dale Scott marshals compelling evidence to expose the extensive growth of sanctioned but illicit violence in politics and state affairs, especially when related to America's long-standing involvement with the global drug traffic. Beginning with Thailand in the 1950s, Americans have become inured to the CIA's alliances with drug traffickers (and their bankers) to install and sustain right-wing governments. The pattern has repeated itself in Laos, Vietnam, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Nigeria, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Panama, Honduras, Turkey, Pakistan, and now Afghanistan—to name only those countries dealt with in this book. Scott shows that the relationship of U.S. intelligence operators and agencies to the global drug traffic, and to other international criminal networks, deserves greater attention in the debate over the U.S. presence in Afghanistan. To date, America's government and policies have done more to foster than to curtail the drug trade. The so-called war on terror, and in particular the war in Afghanistan, constitutes only the latest chapter in this disturbing story.

Workplace Poker

Author : Dan Rust
ISBN : 9780062405272
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A career advisor explains why many talented, hard-working people often miss out on their full career potential, revealing the tells, blind spots, secrets, and unspoken rules you need to know in order to play the game to win. While many careers have been impacted by economic downturns, failed projects, downsizing and restructuring, or just bad bosses or bad timing, we all know of colleagues who continue to rise through every tough situation. Most assume that they have an advantage that protects them—degrees from the right schools, great mentors, influential friends and family, or just better luck. But these hyper-successful professionals have faced setbacks, too. Instead of allowing challenges to derail their rise, they’ve learned how to manage them better. In Workplace Poker, Dan Rust gives you the strategies you need to accelerate your career, and prevent setbacks from stalling your progress or spiraling it downward. The trick, he reveals, is to “play the game under the game,” to think more deeply and act more strategically. If you are talented, ambitious, and hardworking, but feel your career just isn’t accelerating as rapidly as it should, or as fast as you would like it to, this book is for you. If you have been frustrated to see others (less talented, who don’t work as hard as you do) achieve rapid professional progress while your career stalls out, this book is for you. If you’ve been annoyed by those who are successful primarily because of where they went to school, or family connections, or financial resources, this book is for you. Rust gives you the insight and skills you need to transform yourself and adapt and survive any hurdle—to turn every adversity into advantage, and every struggle into strength, including: • Recognition of your own “blind spots” and what to do about them • Mastering strategic and authentic self-promotion • Enhancing your personal charm and likeability • Achieving the high energy, both mental and physical, necessary to drive an exceptional career trajectory • Developing an interest in “corporate anthropology” and the complex human dimensions of business • Neutralizing the career-stalling impact of difficult or dysfunctional colleagues • Deeply “owning” and learning from career missteps and failures In his smart, funny, relatable voice, Rust shares stories of individuals who have applied these capabilities in real world situations, and provides short, focused exercises to help you think about yourself and your own career. With Workplace Poker¸ you’ll learn how to get out of you own way, and find the success you deserve.

The Founding Fathers

Author : Jonah Winter
ISBN : 9781442442757
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 24. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this eye-opening look at our Founding Fathers that is full of fun facts and lively artwork, it seems that Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and their cohorts sometimes agreed on NOTHING…except the thing that mattered most: creating the finest constitution in world history, for the brand-new United States of America. Tall! Short! A scientist! A dancer! A farmer! A soldier! The founding fathers had no idea they would ever be called the "founding Fathers," and furthermore they could not even agree exactly on what they were founding! Should America declare independence from Britain? "Yes!" shouted some. "No!" shouted others. "Could you repeat the question?" shouted the ones who either hadn't been listening or else were off in France having fun, dancin' the night away. Slave owners, abolitionists, soldiers, doctors, philosophers, bankers, angry letter-writers—the men we now call America's Founding Fathers were a motley bunch of characters who fought a lot and made mistakes and just happened to invent a whole new kind of nation. And now here they are, together again, in an exclusive engagement!

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