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How To Write The Perfect Federal Job R Sum R Sum Cover Letter

Author : Melanie Williamson
ISBN : 9781601383204
Genre : Business & Economics
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Accompanying CD-ROM contains sample resumes and cover letters and several PDFs from USAJOBS.gov.

The Noncommissioned Officer And Petty Officer

Author : Martin E. Martin E. Dempsey
ISBN : 150892791X
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A first of its kind, this book-of, by, and for the noncommissioned officer and petty officer-is a comprehensive explanation of the enlisted leader across the U.S. Armed Services. It complements The Armed Forces Officer, the latest edition of which was published by NDU Press in 2007, as well as the Services' NCO/PO manuals and handbooks. Written by a team of Active, Reserve, and retired senior enlisted leaders from all Service branches, this book defines and describes how NCOs/POs fit into an organization, centers them in the Profession of Arms, explains their dual roles of complementing the officer and enabling the force, and exposes their international engagement. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin E. Dempsey writes in his foreword to the book, "We know noncommissioned officers and petty officers to have exceptional competence, professional character, and soldierly grit-they are exemplars of our Profession of Arms." Aspirational and fulfilling, this book helps prepare young men and women who strive to become NCOs/POs, re-inspires serving enlisted leaders, and stimulates reflection by those who have retired from or left active service. It also gives those who have never worn the uniform a better understanding of who these exceptional men and women are, and why they are properly known as the "Backbone of the Armed Forces."

The Brand You 50 Reinventing Work

Author : Tom Peters
ISBN : 037541097X
Genre : Business & Economics
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Michael Goldhaber, writing in Wired, said, "If there is nothing very special about your work, no matter how hard you apply yourself you won't get noticed and that increasingly means you won't get paid much either. In times past you could be obscure yet secure -- now that's much harder." Again: the white collar job as now configured is doomed. Soon. ("Downsizing" in the nineties will look like small change.) So what's the trick? There's only one: distinction. Or as we call it, turning yourself into a brand . . . Brand You. A brand is nothing more than a sign of distinction. Right? Nike. Starbucks. Martha Stewart. The point (again): that's not the way we've thought about white collar workers--ourselves--over the past century. The "bureaucrat" on the finance staff is de facto faceless, plugging away, passing papers. But now, in our view, she is born again, transformed from bureaucrat to the new star. She works in a professional service firm and works on projects that she'll be able to brag about years from now. I call her/him the New American Professional, CEO of Me Inc. (even if Me Inc. is currently on someone's payroll) and, of course, of Brand You. Step #1 in the model was the organization . . .a department turned into PSF 1.0. Step #2 is the individual . . .reborn as Brand You. In 50 essential points, Tom Peters shows how to be committed to your craft, choose the right projects, how to improve networking, why you need to think fun is cool, and why it's important to piss some people off. He will enable you to turn yourself into an important and distinctive commodity. In short, he will show you how to turn yourself into . . . Brand You. See also the other 50List titles in the Reinventing Work series by Tom Peters -- The Project50 and The Professional Service Firm50 -- for additional information on how to make an impact in the professional world. From the Hardcover edition.

The Armed Forces Officer

Author :
ISBN : 9781597973496
Genre : History
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Initiated in 1950, this 2007 edition is the latest in a classic series of books of the same title. Journalist-historian S. L. A. Marshall wrote the first at the behest of Gen. George C. Marshall, who formed the great citizen army of World War II. The general believed officers of all services needed to base their professional commitment on a common moral-ethical grounding, which S. L. A. Marshall set out to explain. Ever since, these books have provided a foundation of thought, conduct, standards, and duty for American commissioned officers. Available now to the general public, this new edition takes the series’ inspirational premise into the new century. It educates officers of all services, as well as civilians, about the fundamental moral-ethical requirements of being a commissioned officer in the armed forces of the United States. Understanding the common foundation of commissioned leadership and command of U.S. military forces is essential for achieving excellence in the joint operations of today’s combat environment. This philosophy unites the officers of the uniformed services in the common calling of supporting, defending, and upholding the Constitution in service to their country.

Blown To Bits

Author : Harold Abelson
ISBN : 9780137135592
Genre : Computers
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Every day, billions of photographs, news stories, songs, X-rays, TV shows, phone calls, and emails are being scattered around the world as sequences of zeroes and ones: bits. We can't escape this explosion of digital information and few of us want to-the benefits are too seductive. The technology has enabled unprecedented innovation, collaboration, entertainment, and democratic participation. But the same engineering marvels are shattering centuries-old assumptions about privacy, identity, free expression, and personal control as more and more details of our lives are captured as digital data. Can you control who sees all that personal information about you? Can email be truly confidential, when nothing seems to be private? Shouldn't the Internet be censored the way radio and TV are? is it really a federal crime to download music? When you use Google or Yahoo! to search for something, how do they decide which sites to show you? Do you still have free speech in the digital world? Do you have a voice in shaping government or corporate policies about any of this? Blown to Bits offers provocative answers to these questions and tells intriguing real-life stories. This book is a wake-up call To The human consequences of the digital explosion.

2018 After The Military Handbook

Author : Military Handbooks
ISBN : 9781329858831
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How To Write A Cv That Really Works

Author : Paul McGee
ISBN : 9781848035911
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A guide for those who want to create an effective CV and use it to market themselves. It contains sample CVs and covering letters and interview guidance.

The Army Lawyer

Author : Judge Advocate General's School (United States. Army)
ISBN : UVA:X002415944
Genre : Courts-martial and courts of inquiry
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Author : David R. Welsh
ISBN : 9781596520530
Genre : United States
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This new History of Warrant Officers centers around the history of the Army Warrant Officer from July 1918, the official Birthday of the Corps, and progress through the many changes and duties that the Warrant Officer has gone through up to September 2005 with the insignia changes and integration of the Army Warrant Officers into the various Army branches. We honor our fallen Warrant Officers since that fateful day of 9-11-2001 with a Memorial Listing of their names. The book also details the Warrant Officer Programs of the other U.S. uniformed services, histories of the various Warrant Officer Associations, Clubs, and Foundations including WOA U.S. Army, CWOA USCG, WOA of the U.S.A., C.H.A.N.W.O.S., USAWOA, USMC WO Association, USAWOA Scholarship Foundation, and WO Heritage Foundation. Included also are pictures and biographies and/or citations for WO Medal of Honor Winners, some selected WO of historical significant, and the Army's first and only WO Astronaut. The back section of the book features pictures and short biographies submitted by Warrant Officers for publication.

The Warrior Ethos

Author : Steven Pressfield
ISBN : 9781936891016
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 87. 1 MB
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WARS CHANGE, WARRIORS DON'T We are all warriors. Each of us struggles every day to define and defend our sense of purpose and integrity, to justify our existence on the planet and to understand, if only within our own hearts, who we are and what we believe in. Do we fight by a code? If so, what is it? What is the Warrior Ethos? Where did it come from? What form does it take today? How do we (and how can we) use it and be true to it in our internal and external lives? The Warrior Ethos is intended not only for men and women in uniform, but artists, entrepreneurs and other warriors in other walks of life. The book examines the evolution of the warrior code of honor and "mental toughness." It goes back to the ancient Spartans and Athenians, to Caesar's Romans, Alexander's Macedonians and the Persians of Cyrus the Great (not excluding the Garden of Eden and the primitive hunting band). Sources include Herodotus, Thucydides, Plutarch, Xenophon, Vegetius, Arrian and Curtius--and on down to Gen. George Patton, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, and Israeli Minister of Defense, Moshe Dayan.

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