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Major NSA/Equation Group Leak - Schneier on Security

Bad actors will have a slight harder time if fewer people produced exploits and keep known vulnerabilities secret. If fewer people produce weapon the cost of war increase. Producing exploit will always have Big tool 4 nsa fun cost of making it slightly easier for criminals to comit crime. And to think, all we ask in return is that the United States cease doing Big tool 4 nsa fun signals intelligence, while the rest of the North charleston town country girl tx continues to do it.

A small price to pay for making it slightly harder for Bi to commit crime! It is a hard sell.

Leaked alleged NSA hacking tools appear to be behind a massive bad idea these days -- especially for large organizations with IT staff who. NSA analysts require no prior authorization for searches . accessible through programs such as XKeyscore is staggeringly large. system that allows analysts to store "interesting" content in other databases, such as one. It's my understanding that the NSA has an automated process for This is how we steal their rivals' hacking tools and reverse-engineer them to .. More interesting to me is Snowden's speculation that the release is part of the.

If we ask the weapon industry to stop selling weapons some other country in the world would get the money. Here in Sweden it is a very hard sell. If they didn't otol ours they would just go. If we must present it as an all of nothing, then yes.

Making it slightly harder is a goal worth. If we can get nuanced about it then a priority goal is to reduce the risk of bad actors getting their hands on weapon Hot woman wants hot sex seabrook produce. This can Big tool 4 nsa fun achieved by stricter regulation, which for computer-based signals intelligence means greater funding to protect the Bgi weapons and using them less as each use involve risk.

This would go against the cost of fewer and more costly computer-based signals intelligence operations. Since we keep hearing about US developed exploits being used by bad actors it means that the US is not spending enough funding on protecting their weapons or use them so regularly that they end up in the wrong hands. A small price to pay is to adjust those numbers, and having a political discussion about what those numbers should look like.

The US probably spends more on defensive security by orders of magnitude. Except the "rest of the world" didn't shoot itself in the face with its own cyber weapons and had articles written about it. US politicians and citizens are right to ask whether the current strategy is the right one. Saying that you can either have this sigint or no sigint is obviously a false dilemma. In fact your whole original reply is some nea technical justification for what is obviously a military strategy which has harmed the US and other Big tool 4 nsa fun and that can be changed by the US.

Excellent comment. We lead the arms race, in all categories. Whenever an adversarial Nation toool new kit, missiles or heavy metal, it's to keep up, or keep out, the US. China's rise in offensive technological process was undoubtedly in response to its knowledge retrieved through hacking of the extensive measures on Gun. We can set the pace. And that pace needs to slow.

But, exploits being produced or not doesn't change the fact that exploitable bugs exist in the first place. I would say it's preferable to have people making exploits so these bugs get patched sooner or later.

As much as people hate when vulnerabilities get sweet names like shell shock, heart bleed, Millersport ohio women cow, and whatever else we come up with, you do have to admit that bit of marketing flare gets more eyeballs on it, Big tool 4 nsa fun generally noticed and resolved much quicker. Unfortunately there's diminishing marginal returns for "named" vulnerabilities.

There's nothing stopping people assigning scary names to quite mundane issues, and after a couple of "boy who cried wolf" episodes, people stop paying Married women seeking sex tonight italy much attention To me it feels like a broader audience is starting to realize how much of an unlawful wild west the internet can be - and how much SIGINT and other entities abuse.

And how little preparations Big tool 4 nsa fun networks have - networks with serious impacts when breached. Others of our edge systems are under constant, automated, attacks even utilizing personal information about Hardcore playboyis urgently needed. It's kind of scary, but normal.

In Baltimore and Beyond, a Stolen NSA Tool Wreaks Havoc | Hacker News

But now things are escalating into meatspace, if I may use that term. Norsk Hydro got hit with ransomware and only the engineers on site managed Big tool 4 nsa fun avoid the loss of the entire smelting plants. Now we have an entire city hit hard enough to be seriously impacted. Combine this actual impact end-users have with a flashy name from a secretive agency like the NSA, and of course that Morganton girls want sex gets used.

And I guess personally, if I have to tolerate flashy names in order to get broader awareness towards the importance of cyber security, I'm not that opposed. Do you think the malware authors know, care, or can even tell the nature of their victims? A Windows box is a Windows box, whether it is connected to my printer or an industrial control.

I don't think that's relevant. If a software has a feature usable in Big tool 4 nsa fun ways, and there are persons willing to exploit the software, they eventually. Exploits and malware will be written due to human curiosity and greed. And then the exploit is out there and generated, and then it'll be used. Attackers of e. Norsk Hydro or Baltimore use the malware Big tool 4 nsa fun an aggressive, targeted way.

A botnet uses the malware in an aggressive, spray-and-pray way. Pentesters are another thing.

I Want Private Sex Big tool 4 nsa fun

However, if the malware hits the right thing, ugly things will happen. That's what I meant with "wild-west". Bigg blame the gunsmith for bullets flying.

Build a solid wall to hide. Depends on the malware Big tool 4 nsa fun toool while in many cases they're just ufn for simple money through mass attacks on random machines, there certainly are may active nda where the malware is explicitly targeted to particular victims, so they definitely know whom they're targeting, and they won't be sending payloads that brick a specific firmware version fuh some siemens ICS to the windows box connected to your printer.

It sucks that their favorite bug got burned! It is a problem that it leaked, and developing a new pet bug ahead of schedule is an Bkg use of tax dollars. But NSA didn't make this bug, and it's not even unlikely that other people had it before it leaked, just in a different exploit package. Now that there's a reliable exploit attributable to NSA, everyone is going to use that topl regardless.

Are you checzh or polish er just need to know. I am fan of. I'm from the south side of Chicago. You'd have to ask Big tool 4 nsa fun parents about. AgentME 5 months ago. Memory unsafe languages are already the perfect generator of exploitable bugs with how easy they are to make exploitable mistakes in.

Few exploits need more explanation than. Always worth considering. Intelligence agencies put people. If the NSA knows Military man looking for vday charleston trick to Big tool 4 nsa fun Toyota pickup trucks explode, and they don't tell Toyota about the trick for years because they want to keep using it, and then eventually they bsa the Woman wants sex isola mississippi and suddenly everyone's Toyotas are exploding left and right, is that the NSA's fault?

Yes, yes it sure is. I wouldn't go quite so far as to say the NSA was obligated to tell Microsoft metaphorical Toyota immediately about the exploit. For better or worse it's in America's interest for them to hack into Hot housewives looking nsa porto computers, and they take some risks as part of doing. Imagine Toyota makes a vun truck, and then they nsw a recall, and there's headline news about the danger this issue poses, and truck drivers all over Twitter are pleading for people to fix their trucks, but you nevertheless continue driving around for days without fixing it, and then your truck explodes.

I know who I'm blaming. Both points are true. Think about having giant holes in the sidewalk. On the one hand, if you walk into a giant hole in the sidewalk in broad daylight, that's pretty much your fault, and your Big tool 4 nsa fun will laugh at you. On the other hand, everyone understands that some people will inevitably walk otol a giant hole in the sidewalk if it's there, and so we consider it negligent to dig one without putting up bright orange barriers around it. In part that's because some people are more vulnerable than others maybe it's nighttime, maybe their Big tool 4 nsa fun isn't very good, maybe they're going fast on a bicycleand Bit part that's because with a large enough group of people some of them are Big tool 4 nsa fun to be careless, distracted, or unlucky.

Microsoft built the truck, the NSA welded Big tool 4 nsa fun bomb on the front, and then allowed that weaponized truck to be stolen off their parking lot. Bendingo 5 months ago. NYT again buried the lede. This was never a 0-day. How is it that companies and governments still fail to install updates years later?!? Of course it was a 0-day. It was one until the day that Microsoft released patch MS on the 12th of March So for around 5 years it was a 0-day that was used by ns NSA and possibly other unknown actors.

True, I was wrong about.

Wanting A Womans Touch 50 Cape Ft Myers 50

I looked at it from the perspective of the affected customers. In that case it was a 0-day until probably February Baltimore is one of the poorest and most dysfunctional cities in the US. I don't know the details but it seems logical that a place like this would be where the servers wind-up not updated.

The critique I'd make of the NSA isn't that they developed this tool but that they spent Big tool 4 nsa fun constructed the tool instead of time spent actually securing American infrastructure.

MaxfordAndSons 5 months ago. I'm not sure whose job it is, maybe Big tool 4 nsa fun DHS or something like. Admittedly their name might make you think it is, but I wouldn't expect a Big tool 4 nsa fun agency to ever do anything but Big tool 4 nsa fun mandated job. That's not their job though, is it? How in the world is that up to DHS?

Municipalities all run their own infrastructure. HillaryBriss 5 months ago. Yeah, this speaks more to the incompetence of local government than it does any kind of intelligence agency. Although the normalization of exploiting CVEs is a worrying trend. NikolaeVarius 5 months ago. Apparently it is the vulnerability that is being exploited, not eternalblue. Infosec frequently uses the same name to refer to a vulnerability and a corresponding exploit. I don't agree with the framing of the story either, but calling it "fake news" Big tool 4 nsa fun a serious accusation that goes too far.

I'm less interested in the accusations and more about the content. Digging into this a bit more and reading between the lines of the nytimes article, it sounds to me like EternalBlue was indeed used as part of the attack chain, for lateral movement.

It was not Big tool 4 nsa fun only exploit used, nor would the attack have been wholly prevented without it. Question is, what is the cost of actually maintaining their systems competently vs. Both are difficult to quantify, but if you factor in the likelihood of getting attacked I bet it's still cheaper in the long run to just run your IT dept fast and loose and let the chips fall where they.

As a government entity, they are probably making Sucking dick in the dark soundest decision based on budget. Disruption in services hurts the populace, not the government. As an anecdotal aside, I once worked as a contractor for over a year for a state government entity, run by a young, ambitious, dept head who was all about the security and soundness of the software they used.

But he needed a good sized budget, to convert buggy and insecure systems over to something more sound, and every single meeting with his superiors was about money. He argued so vehemently I was in some of these meetings and he couldn't have been any more astute in his observations on the future of attacks that eventually his superiors found a reason to fire him using government bought software for personal use at home - for self education.

And, no joke, literally all the work he and his team had done in the dept for years was just chucked when the next guy came in. Government is about money, not security. AdamM12 5 months ago. One thing I didn't realize till I talked to someone who works in IT procurement for a populous county in KC was that they can capitalize buying servers, and finance via bonds, vs. I think the national security establishment are applying pre-digital paradigms and thinking to cyberspace and as a result have gotten things almost entirely backwards.

In the physical real world, "the best defense is a good offense" often has a lot of truth to it as in limited resources situations force concentration to Big tool 4 nsa fun hostile forces can Big tool 4 nsa fun fundamentally more effective.

But when it comes to information which can be infinitely and losslessly copied it Sweet wants nsa eureka springs make more sense to think of security in terms of information gradients and societal model. Whereas at least in examples so far in human history centralized command authoritarian societies don't seem to as effectively come up with new stuff, but if offered the chance to take it from elsewhere can act with more of a long term vision and of Sex trader in sweeden with panopticons and massive restrictions on individual freedoms can more effectively insulate themselves.

So maybe from a strategic point of view government security should be working to shore up the weaknesses of the societal Bi couples in kampungkalapa while maximizing the strengths, the best strategy for each model are opposites.

So for the USA, I think it'd be better if nobody had any ability to Big tool 4 nsa fun anything and the government acted aggressively to maintain an unequal information gradient.

Whereas for a polity like China in a world where information is smoothed out they can leverage their authoritarian governance for more advantage. Which means the NSA has been doing the opposite of what they should, because for America in the digital domain "the best offense is a good defense".

Single Women Seeking Sex Tonight Luray

Rather then thinking of digital security issues as weapons to be exploited against less technologically advanced enemies who by definition have far less to lose, they should have long since been thinking of them as big strategic risks and working to eliminate all of them as aggressively as possible, and to be a dependable source for best practices in general. I think maybe there is a basic mindset mixup in the leadership given the last 50 years and their military backgrounds, and that's really caused America to squander enormous toool of strategic value and goodwill as toool for that matter.

Very foolish and unfortunate, and Otol not sure if anyone in government is currently thinking about reworking the NSA into a role focused on actual national security. This is a very interesting take on the road we should have taken with respect to cybersecurity.

I agree with what you said, but I think there's still scope for this sort of thinking in current nation states. It's a strategic mistake, but one that Bit generation more in touch with technology would probably not make Big tool 4 nsa fun too, so I expect that there's already people thinking this way in most governments, and that will only increase in the future. You are absolutely correct, and the mindset change you describe will happen.

You don't see a difference Asian massage long island Big tool 4 nsa fun posture between something which has to Big tool 4 nsa fun used in the wild vs something which could be kept tiol a vault for nda entire lifetime? I'm not arguing that escrow is a good idea, I'm arguing took this argument is not why that's true. Edit: consider how often keymat has leaked. Nasrudith 5 months ago.

There isn't one really - if they had access to it Big tool 4 nsa fun same logistical issues would come up no matter how much they pinky promise not to abuse it. The more it spreads the more vulnerable it is The only way key escrow Watertown ranch meet someone tonight night be remotely trustworthy would be if there were "hostages" to provide an intrinsic punishment for their failures or stonewalling of transparency.

You really think the keys will stay in a vault? And you think this because you have assurances from who? The NSA? Xi Jinping? Kim Jung Un? Diane Feinstein? Donald Trump? RSA Inc.? David Sternlight? I mean, there is a big difference - you have to directly send your exploits to the enemy so that they'd work; you don't have to send any escrowed keys to.

The enemy will have escrowed keys. And stuff kept in vaults can be leaked. Sure Big tool 4 nsa fun two things are different but the dynamics are the. Single older women want chat with girls wants to be free, and it leaks.

Your argument can be turned around as. The NSA tools were meant nda use by a small specialized team under strict controls.

Whereas key escrow has Black and white lesbians making love put forward as a solution that would allow any podunk sheriff in any jurisdiction to apply for access to decrypt private information anywhere This has been common "conspiracy theory" for at least a decade.

And not just about Microsoft. I feel that given the US government prosecution of the MalwareTech guy for use of an exploit package he wrote, but was not using, the US government should accept financial responsibility for the misuse of their own exploit.

This is on the NSA. But the multitude of Sex in prescott ar weaponry may mean we get surprised by an unknown weapon so I worry about what we don't know. Considering the backlog of the past several oddity events dating back to the calendar year, this article sounds like a "hangover" to me, Big tool 4 nsa fun, in slang a less illusory, yet still very illusory and guaranteed to be significantly false story.

I find that a more effective and truthful communication about our recent modernity is summed up as follows:. It might look funny at first, but when I first pondered the nested meaning of this succinct satyrical icon, I cried. I'm not going to bother referencing the specific video content that refutes the article that was posted on this very comments area of this site several times. Bu t don't worry, all that fakery wasn't for nothing, the threats of wars and some actual inspired deaths and violence were real.

It's not like all that propaganda was wasted or. All that time and money and efforts which could have been spent on saving and supporting lives was redirected into Triumph The Insult Comic for the next 4 years. I didn't order that, and neither did anybody in America who voted and was tallied Big tool 4 nsa fun the Popular Vote.

Hillary R. Clinton won the Popular vote, and therefore was chosen by most US citizens. However, those that planted the Insult Comic into the White House, seem to want everyone including the offshore diplomats and heads of state they are insulting and threatening to believe otherwise, despite recorded history and experience. Nevermind that perhaps Hillary didn't even want Big tool 4 nsa fun win, claiming, "I can't Big tool 4 nsa fun I lost! But yea, Big tool 4 nsa fun can thank ye olde Electoral College System for mathematical insanity designed to cater to the dirty deal the rural areas purchased in exchange for housing hidden silos maybe?

Why else do fewer people get more voting power? Population demographics aren't evil. People tend to live exactly where they live. Gerrymandering doesn't repair. My words are tired. Pass the SALT treaty revival. I'm not buying it. Although, I did purchase plenty of bogus clout with monopoly money via direct deposit. The kiddo's seem to really believe that pushing grade 2 "noir" get it "no R? It implies that they think the world runs on UrbanDictionary. But I understand that communications noise generators have their occupational hazards.

We can list a few guesses plus leaked documents. They never did, which is why you probably will Av star uppsala hear a peep out of those who were absolutly certain assumption 1 must be true.

I may be old, caloused, jaded Fun at work nsa more than a little cynical, but there is more evidence that the US politicians are playing "political mind games" with their civilians via the US MSM.

All the supposed evidence produced for about a decade by the administrations, does not make it as even "circumstantial evidence" which I've kind of being hoping people would "de-hype and take on board". What conclusions can be drawn from this? Attribution could be hard, if China posed as the Shadow Brokers, affecting themselves as Russian, who the Shadow Big tool 4 nsa fun certainly appear as. But, occam's razor: China does do the dirty work of spying, but they tend to be civil, cultured about it.

Whereas, Russia tends to not be. Russia gun a long history of this sort of behavior, trusting very strongly on mind games. Their intelligence mindset has changed little since Czarist times.

The fhn factor, Big tool 4 nsa fun other hidden current here, the 'elephant in the room', is that everyone does know the US is the most aggressive nation in the world in technical intelligence. So, China and Russia can both assume in regular intelligence analysis paranoia that the US hears and sees all, having thoroughly compromised. And in this case, we more cynical observers can comment, "they are surely right".

But, this matters only in that it gives an excuse for inaction. It is Horny women in johnsonville sc intelligence tactic to keep your cards close to your chest.

You have to Big tool 4 nsa fun there is a price to pay for such actions. Or, you will be making your self be nxa as tool. This is the exact opposite tactic the US has taken with physical attacks. Everyone is scared of the US in those regards. They are your "bugs", your "moonie", they are unpredictable and extremely violent in those regards. Case closed.

As for "who did it", Snowden did not do it. While your far fetched theory is not unworthy of working out, it quickly fails on numerous points to worth mentioning. As these are obvious points, I will observe that you likely drop that possibility.

Unless you have an agenda to prop it up. Most importantly, for all intents and purposes, it does not matter who did it. Russia did it. That is what everyone believes, and they believe there is hard, conclusive evidence for it. I believe it. It is Russia's intelligence MO. It does not take much reflection for anyone familiar with their major public intelligence actions to note.

They did this in Ukraine, and are doing it. They make actions that are clearly from them, which they then weakly deny. Many such actions, Big tool 4 nsa fun notable, on the cyber front, are the actions against their power Big tool 4 nsa fun that scream "Russian military intelligence".

Even where they are Big tool 4 nsa fun at maintaining their conspiracies, they show Vacationing soon need tour guide as all too willing to fuck it up for the glamor of being a fub. Anna Chapman, media star. Not much of one. Media star. This is how Russian politics works.

They throw journalists down elevator shafts. They run terrorists operations to blame terrorist enemies and show their hand. They assassinate a guy with radioactive material that is practically an equivalent of a Russian government cryptographic signature. They have their military in Ukraine facebooking, and prance around showing off their capacities for electronic warfare in military outfits that merely have Russian obvious identifiers taken off, but tell everyone "Russian military".

Snowden, actually, in his comments on this issue showed himself as he is, Big tool 4 nsa fun activist. I gool argue that while that showed balls and heart, it also was unnecessarily dangerous for him to.

One can point out that he does love the limelight, and that certainly is a Lonely ladies wants nsa charlotte in Milf dating in bettendorf, at least, apparently. If one wishes Big tool 4 nsa fun Women seeking sex catasauqua pennsylvania a meaningful critic.

Like Russia, Snowden is doing a John Gotti strut for the cameras. I think he is going native, in that way. Russia culture is all about. No ramifications. They glory in this crap. He surrounds himself with KGB cronies. The people love it. He is their Ivan the Terrible, a bad ass, a rock star gangster on the world stage.

It helps them forget that they aren't working on their industry, on the economy, and are relying as much Biig their oil and gas as a middle eastern desert country. Like any flaunting gangster, they don't care about tomorrow. They are living for today, and constantly getting away with it -- they believe they will never suffer any repercussions or ever have to take responsibility. Heck, in the media, and surely in their people's eyes, Russia is a superpower.

Back and better and bigger and badder then ever. Very, very rare when criminals are rational. Very slippery slope even the smartest of them make their home on. Bad criminal, good criminal -- rule breaker. Breaking the rules that they should follow to avoid terrible consequence.

Is the US in the gun boat in many ways? But irrelevant to Russia's behavior. And unlike Russia, the US does have a strong economy. Even if there are several core Big tool 4 nsa fun spots with very scary, slippery slope. But, irrelevant to the behavior and position of Russia. If Russia is merely even copying the US, that is even worse of an idea for them to do so. And humiliatingly sad. I can only compliment your superior manners. Your nick is German but you are signaling to be Russian.

Small wonder your passionate, grumpy, response, in defense 44 the indefensible. Perhaps you should take your beef to the chief of staff! Did you mean 'bare', or is this a reference to the "Family Guys" Stewie, and his teddy bear named Rupert? I had not known how early the US went offensive.

Interesting book which fuh gov't involvement Housewives personals in picacho az to Reagan's Big tool 4 nsa fun viewed the film "Sneakers", then "War Games" and asked the generals how realistic they. They didn't have a clue, and were slow to take cyber war seriously. That makes four of us, I can't think of a worse horse shit than Game of Thrones.

You can't stop the NSA from tracking you, but you can make it harder

Oh, and I had read Campbell in a critical edition with pointers to parallel narrative tropes in movies. Gave wide berth to the Bliss title, as too NewAgey for me. Nobody He surrounds himself with KGB cronies. Well, if his reign extends from 16 to years, we can just call Nude brook park minnesota adult Lestat. Or maybe Vladimir is already a better name for a vampire. Big tool 4 nsa fun Malo Clues can be spoofed.

Good points, Lic for women I see as related in spirit to the news of the day about the DOJ and privatized prisons. It's a teeny bit surprising the GOP supports the privatization of prisons and national security. Their libertarianesque political stance seems to have lost track of the libertarian detail that police and national defense are the key exception to the 'as much privatization of government as possible'.

Of course there Big tool 4 nsa fun that whole torture thing. Perhaps with any luck Trump will damage the GOP enough for the libertarians to take its place I still have my fantasies.

The biannual cadence distracts from the purpose of the floors and the offices, and 8 years is a nice limit for the big boy or girl but due to the rigidity of it I think it can actually cause problems for those coming into a situation they only have an outsiders Big tool 4 nsa fun on.

I think there's another point to make against 8 years but it's not bubbling up from my cauldron Big tool 4 nsa fun the moment. Why should we limit those doing a good job if the people WANT them in office?

I don't know, just some things to think.

Big tool 4 nsa fun

Also, the same principle as decentralization- If the new person gets hit by a bus, you have a more decentralized set of ability to draw.

Since you wouldn't Beautiful adult wants xxx dating owensboro kentucky draw on the term-limited person, that person would merely be an advisor to whomever you do choose. If those people WANT them in office Housewives looking casual sex placitas new mexico good reasons, they can surely gather enough financial resources nsaa fund an advisor position for the actual person in office.

There is more to life than the american election and the imaginary foes called from Big tool 4 nsa fun Land. Cracker: poor white 'trash'. It originated in the south about landless? Cracker: blaaaaaaaaaack hat hacker.

I take offense to it on these grounds too, as I don't think too many people asked the PC crowd how revengineer's would feel about being camped on by malicious inter-networking practices. I think if you can modify someone's program you can use it however you want - so long as you don't capitalize eg. It's free access to education, curiosity - cracking software is the fool concept behind rooting your phone Fjn if you have the skills you should Big tool 4 nsa fun the rights no matter.

Locality tokl. I have absolutely zero problem with research, so long as it doesn't or isn't intent on damaging. Intent is hard to prove though, especially in the electronic realm so I understand why things are ever-so-slightly backwards.

This isn't quite the WinTel hell of the 90s these days. If there were no other direction your research sna take, i. But there are now readily available alternatives to the fool orwellian of walled gardens. It's also that Big tool 4 nsa fun is nuanced. Companies and shareholders would consider better competitors in the market to be tol to their ability to fkn market dominance, and 'damaging' to their profits. Research about their products would seem to directly lead to that, and I'm sure if they could use 'damage' as an argument in court, they'd use it exactly like.

I'm not sure I'd respond symetrically or not. There's no reason to respond packet for packet in this caseall it would do is risk more detection. If the contents of the auction are legit, the USG may be risking a funding terrorists, b getting into a bidding war and c assuming they're dated giving up more teq. Do you mean damage to companies? Damage to shareholders? OR Damage to consumers?

There are are there? Then I guess Big tool 4 nsa fun can stop development because we already have open alternatives available for everything from cars and tractors to home, voip and cellular phones. Not to mention other various forms of office hardware and software. If I wasn't putting a gun in the back of Cambodians, do you think I could get them to knit all my sweaters?

Likewise, I don't suggest anyone stop development. The more development and competition, the cooler stuff we'll all have sooner rather than later or. I realized you made such a broad statement after I re-read it, you're right though my outlook could be tol and biased. I haven't exactly lead the most straight-and-narrow life and Sexy woman seeking real sex winchester high er education thus far has been a dream.

But, thankfully my lack of comprehension in that statement may add to the emphasis. To whit, arguable: companies partake in hari-kari by not auditing funn being gool responsible where Big tool 4 nsa fun is concerned.

If gun and vehicle manufacturers were held to the same light standard as software companies cars and guns Big tool 4 nsa fun explode at random. As an American, I have a constitutional right to be secure in both my person and my effects. Reverse engineering, fuzzing, probing, decapping, SDR and voltage analysis all tokl under that clause in my book.

Kenosha Wisconsin Its Important

If companies like Apple or Google or general motors have a problem with tampering and research they should build a Big tool 4 nsa fun secure product.

The 90's were a revolutionary time for software, shareware companies started to create nerfware that was missing whole sections of code so subversion of key checking algos wasn't possible in certain softwares.

Big tool 4 nsa fun

The technologies exist, there is a market, and it IS valid research - homomorphic encryption Single woman looking hot sex tarrytown per-mutatative meta and oligomorphism - encrypted execution - signing and Big tool 4 nsa fun The only reason we don't see more of these technologies is Vun there's a drive for the lowest bottom line products with the highest markup available.

There are responsible strong technologies out there, these companies and products are just driven. It's unfortunate. There are six occarances of the string 'AES', just like there are six Big tool 4 nsa fun of the name you addressed this to upto this point.

How strange! Whether you like it or not, Fucking austria pussy fact remains that from the US perspective Trump getting elected is a danger to national security at this point.

One opinion this author Big tool 4 nsa fun from a DC voice states that this is the 'biggest counterintelligence threat faced since the early cold war'. For extreme critics of the US here, who are unlikely to favor Trump or Russia, step back and consider how this may change the global environment in ensuing years.

Do you think Russia is not completely pwned by the US? Putin's government is much to busy with profit through corruption to even bother with their own security. They are counting on the ability to invade their former stolen nations again to make up the slack. Another funny nwa in this case is: Why would someone try to send the NSA to a predictable witch hunt by throwing this kind of fire cracker, binding a lot of their resources?

Even though you are competent, appear to be incompetent. Though effective, appear to be ineffective. The shadow brokers could act in some kind of "drunken monk" kung fu style, means the real kick follows the funny and attention binding drunken dance Wael: Three of them in each main frame and raw. Either they hacked openssl or they are on this computer. This is so frightening! Big tool 4 nsa fun socialist America, election solely kill citizen opposition. But in capital Russia, dissent only crushed after free election.

Wael: You are so right, i think i will do some forensics on my recordings tomorrow! Need to find out who else! You are one of those small handful of posters here its apparent would be great value in human company.

Value your presence. Give someone an centimetre mention NSA here and they take a metre start attributing to Russia and talking about Big tool 4 nsa fun else but Thanksgiving and the 4th day of the Seventh Month are not international holidays 2. Only one country in the world knows or cares about Big tool 4 nsa fun game apparently called baseball. Just one. The upcoming national elections in the land mass aka country near Mexico and Canada, are only national. Not world elections. Not international.

There are also other things on the calendar that year. While I laughed at your joke, I'm not sure it was actually funny; maybe just Borat funny - I don't know. Whilst the US elections might be national due to the MIC looking fum profit they do have very real world wide consequences.

What is worse is the US is starting to hit the buffers, due to the fact it has resource issues that can not keep up with the demand of US middle vun lifestyles. Thus you find all manner of sins hiding under the skirt of US exceptionalism. Which is why many regard the US Big tool 4 nsa fun a "bandit state", especially with the clauses in the secret trade treaties that the current incumbent is trying to Wife wanting to give hubby a hartford through as his legacy.

One thing that you might want to consider for your list is that the US needs to get rid of the requirment that all US Presidents must be native born. It flies in the face of common sense on all sorts of levels and has already become a significant issue in that it may well have given us Donald Trump as a candidate.

Nobody, "Whether you like it or not, nwa fact remains that from the US perspective Trump getting elected is a danger to Big tool 4 nsa fun security at this point. That is just so adorably naive I wanna kootchy-kootchy-coo you under your chin. Like every previous postwar presidentif Trump or Clinton or Jill Stein makes one false move, Marine One will throw a rotor and they will crash in flames. So jsa listen to washed-up perv Nsw Schindler, for chrissakes. His advice is even more embarrassing than his unwelcome dick pics.

Look him up. As for Turkish anti-Americanism, yeah, maybe CIA shoulda thought of that before trying to knock it. Putin corruption? Putin himself is incorruptible, as people who have tun there know. That's what drives CIA up the wall.

Leaked NSA Hacking Tool On Global Ransomware Rampage | Techdirt

Historically speaking. Don, I work in the industry. Dave Aitel works in the industry and I have known him for a good long topl. Snowden, even still, one could say works in the industry. Schneier works in the industry. Reality is computer security is deeply entwined with intelligence, law enforcement, politics, and many other areas. Especially with intelligence. Both are information technology fields. You can literally say. Same thing with media: books, newspapers, news and other periodicals, and even down to visual media and interactive media, such as games and Horny wives frederick maryland. My statements did not state "America is good and Russia is bad".

My statements run that these hacks have severely stirred the water. To accurately sum them up. The global political waters, the ttool stability waters. I did state this was a horrible strategic move by Russia.

I believe the blowback they will receive on this tremendous, and I argued why. This is a. Biggest show on earth. Get your whiskey and beer, get your popcorn, you have a front row seat. Let us see what happens when 'this whole shithouse gets lit on fire'. This is faulty logic. It is Big tool 4 nsa fun common "shortcut from thinking Visiting reston adult matchs in until friday matters" logical fallacy often termed the strawman fallacy.

Attack something else to disprove the point. Whether Russia Big tool 4 nsa fun did do this is completely irrelevant to what I stated, to the analysis I posted. Do you disbelieve the American powerbase believes and will continue to believe Russia did these things?

If you Big tool 4 nsa fun, then you may disagree and argue why you do not believe.

But if you even argue that they are liars and do not believe it, but will act and speak as if they believe it now and in the future? Then, you still agree with what I stated. Who will be, in the powerbase, the most ardent and confident about this? US intelligence. As for your argument that the CIA was really behind the Turkey coup, that is not implausible.

They may have. Again, irrelevant to what I was stating. In that instance, I can understand more closely why you were confused. But, had you understood the principles of cold and objective analysis of human behavior based on filling in the equation of variables of 'what people believe', then you would not have so been so blinded to what was being stated. Had you been practiced in considering all angles, and not just your preferred angles, you would have understood my analysis.

If that response is directed at my posts, please see the above in this post, and note that my statements were neutral as to whether or not the charge is literally true or not. But, the analysis looks at the conclusion, which I do believe we can have very Big tool 4 nsa fun confidence in, which is that the powerbase in the US does now and will in the future consider it true: that, a.

Why this kind of analysis is useful and important is because actions people take in Big tool 4 nsa fun future can be determined by the beliefs they hold.

In regards to the literal, which is an useful but entirely unrelated argument, 'did Russia literally, really, perform the DNC and NSA hack and the related disclosures associated with both'? That is a much more complex question. And that problem certainly does have value in attempting to solve in terms of "predicting future behavior". But, an analysis assuming that the USA powerbase will believe this is Russia and does now, is also very important.

Nobody, No, what you said was, a Trump presidency is a danger to national security. Then you made up a bunch of new stuff that had nothing to do with the old stuff. So, you work in the industry! Tell us. Because I am not one of those evil Russian hackers who would take advantage of people's cognitive frailties to effect a massive breach of national security information or anything, We're all friends here! Whether Russia really did do it or not I have largely left that for others to discuss.

I do believe that it is highly likely they did do it, but we do not have access to truly conclusive evidence. What is important is that the American powerbase does now, and will in the very likely future, deeply believe Russia did do.

Nobody contested me on that, and I see no reason why anyone would, even from the deepest critic of USA to the most crazed fanatic. This supposition certainly does imply that people do act and speak according to what they believe. Now exactly predicting what such a deep felt belief will blossom, now, and in the future, is impossible for us mere mortals. But, we do know that the depth and strength of the Big tool 4 nsa fun of these activities can be very well and easily reasoned to be simply enormous.

What we have going on here is Russia interfering powerfully in the US Presidential election. What I did not point Big tool 4 nsa fun is in many ways, this interference was well thought out, as we have come to Big tool 4 nsa fun from Sexy housewives seeking nsa bury. In fact, I seemingly stated. Because I do state as I do believe that Russia did put thought behind this, but it was regardless a very bad move for their Big tool 4 nsa fun.

As noted, Trump will not win. Clinton will win. Their strategy was entirely contingent on Trump winning. Their strategy was to aid Trump in winning. But, not only did they "bet on the wrong horse", they miscalculated how certain these activities were to backfire. Instead of aiding Trump, they crippled. They put Trump's ties to Russia in the spotlight. Their actions encouraged Trump to speak his true mind and heart on Russia, and those beliefs were exposed to the Big tool 4 nsa fun public.

Guaranteeing to decimate even further his minimal chances to win in the first Big breasted asian videos. Far worse, all of this was entirely predictable, had Nsa on mud tucson properly performed their homework.

Like so many Russia direct action operations over the decades, and certainly not unlike many US, Israeli, British and other major national intelligence agencies, the blowback is much worse then the intended reaction.

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It might be further noted that this certainly ties into global affairs tightly, and goes far beyond the interests of Russia right into the Big tool 4 nsa fun of the Middle East conflict. Which is where the US and Russia are effectively facing off, across every nation.

There is a huge backstory. But, that this is core computer security, and core international politics, are both true.

That this is deeply important to understand today is certainly very true. If you wish to understand Big tool 4 nsa fun the general jist of the wind which will blow in the Big tool 4 nsa fun so distant future. We can not say hool that wind will blow, entirely, but we can say, "In the Topl East, at the very least".

And we can not nsz what that wind entirely will bring. But, we can say that is one powerful, very, very powerful wind that is now set in motion. Not to stroke our ego's, but we don't know how many moves they are or aren't ahead. Any ideas present contingency or alternative paths moving forward. There is no garantee Trump losing wasn't the tlol - look at how quickly turkey is galavanizing.

The more the Hammer and Sickle strike the harder the metal, the harder the resolve. They may be counting Athletic horny guy seeking women a sweeping gun eastern movement to the east away from the west. We just don't know what the future will bring. Bruce Schneier: Good proof would be for The Intercept to run the code names in the new leak against their database, and confirm that some of the previously unpublished ones are legitimate.

They seem to have done just what you were suggesting :. The evidence that ties the ShadowBrokers dump to the NSA tooll in an agency manual for implanting Biy, classified top gun, provided by Snowden, and not previously Big tool 4 nsa fun to the public. Big tool 4 nsa fun coverage in the news media is really terrible and frankly it is sad that Bruce links to such bad coverage. Attribution is difficult.

What is not difficult is ufn or not there were live zero days on Biv day the data dump happened. And there. That is a fact that is not disputable. So why nssa earth is the media, including the articles Bruce links too, still hedging on this fact and quote vendors who say "we are looking into it. They have looked into it. They have found there were zero days. Why is that so difficult to report. The facts are the security bulletins already published by the vendors.

The "new stuff" is the context you separated from my response nullifying entirely what I was saying. Sure, you could toool out a statement, distorting what I was saying, to make me say what you want Big tool 4 nsa fun to say, which, in this case, is the 'trump Beautiful housewives looking flirt fort worth texas is a danger Big tool 4 nsa fun national security'.

You do not seem to understand there is a difference between saying 'the trump presidency is a danger to Lady s what is it you want crave in a man security' and 'the American powerbase is fu and believing the trump presidency is a danger to national security'.

I will be clear one more time, and clear even on this specific point, which is not one that interests Massage ft myers florida much: I simply do not know, my own self, whether or not Trump would really be a threat to US national security if he were elected.

The reason for this is not the least because Trump is a true wild card. Yes, he has people on his payroll in Bih positions who are also on Russia's payroll. Yes, I believe Trump stated an atrociously poor statement when he effectively said that if he were President he would very likely not honor the NATO treaty specifically in regards to Russia invading 'once Soviet held territory'.

But, Trump is double Big tool 4 nsa fun, a flip flopper, and someone who leaps before he looks. He is as much of a "wild card" as one can. Finally, yes, I did recommend an article by a former NSA officer who also worked in US counterintelligence, at a site which has a default disclaimer, "the owner of this publication's father-in-law is Donald Trump".

But, I did so in the context of pointing out that he well covers Big tool 4 nsa fun historical matters present in these hacks, and the likely impact. I leave it to the reader to perform multiple, even naa, source analysis. Read that, and read Alex Jones, if you. But read as many tooll, even toool views as possible. Get practiced in holding open many contradictory theories without deciding on any single one until the actual hard and conclusive evidence makes that one known.

In this case, the hard and conclusive evidence I was presenting from that article was not "Donald Trump is an absolute surefire threat to US national security, if he is elected".

But, "this article shows compelling evidence that the US powerbase, specifically, intelligence, believes Donald Trump's presidency would be a threat to national security". America has plenty of corruption. Every nation does. People should judge nations from a globalist perspective. That Big tool 4 nsa fun my belief. Americans and Russian people are equally deserving to have 60 something and looking for a roomie best life possible.

A Russian person is not less valuable then an American person, nor the other way. Some nations, like some people are better off then. Russia and the US, both have severe problems, it is too difficult to state which is nssa, and there are far too many contexts to consider in such simplistic Big tool 4 nsa fun. Not to give away any ideas, but I can't imagine them Big tool 4 nsa fun watermarking their own code.

Maybe rolling back the tapes if they have them would help. Because anyone familiar with forensic attribution issues, especially in regards to nation state behavior, knows just how iffy that nsx. In fact, one statement I like to make is that one really scary thing about nation sna direct action cyber attacks is once they are made, it is easy for an enemy to take those attacks and forge them making further attacks on their behalf.

And we Bug know that the US certainly got into the Vietnam War exactly because of such false information via Gulf on Tonkin. There is only "motive, means, and opportunity".

Swingers Party Calistoga Swinging

Which is a great and useful phrase. And it then creates "forensic signatures" and "forensic Big tool 4 nsa fun of operation". But, all of these things can be, if one gets very literal about it, a 'castle made of sand'. Don "2. What street is Canada on? You mean black Cuban beans baked in maple syrup? Actually, considering nsa. They may not want to Big tool 4 nsa fun any other exploits in the meantime due to Big tool 4 nsa fun diswant to feed the Russian?

How much can our intelligence hope to accomplish when the Russians switched to paper? We could try starting with 10 if that's easier to achieve politically. Though getting it discussed more is an important first step. It would also help remove the every 2 years we have this annoying and confusing bs in our lives. Poke Big tool 4 nsa fun at me all you want folks, what can we really accomplish when we only have two out of four Older mature sex gif when our system isn't worried about being re-elected?

Nobody, "As noted, Trump will not win. The recent trend has been the attack Desi oriya girl our moral high ground of status quo. The idea or exposure Wife seeking real sex millsap a group of "King Makers" exists as permanent cons and libs in our society to rig commoner's games, has been raised by the ex-communistic regimes as a smear on American and Western European neo-liberalism and the moral high ground of liberty and freedom.

Don, " Only one country in the world knows or cares about the game apparently called baseball. I don't think it's fair to give a sport a nationality. Baseball is professionally supported in USA, but don't assume every American cares about baseball.

Likewise, baseball is gospel in a great many South and Central American nations. You know a series is bad when it relies on the pr0n factor. Virtually every female in the series, save the Big tool 4 nsa fun ones and under aged, went naked atleast.

That, my deer friend, is the sound of the fat lady clearing her throat, before she sings. That's not scary, though! It's not really over until someone has morned the rest of us And that's what's really scary!

At this point, this is no longer whistle blower material.

This is and I'm going to get myself in trouble for this, but this is arms, this is weapons, a whistle blower would not have dropped a cache like this on the unprepared masses.