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I need a good bare bottom spanking

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Someone should fix this ASAP. HUGE BREASTED. If you can answer yes to these questions, please consider a reply.

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Bare Bottom Spanking. Spankedcp; 6 videos; , views; Last updated on Jul 6, Play all. Share. Loading Save. Even if the person on the receiving end may feel like they want the spanking to It's my opinion that a spanking works best on a bare bottom because it allows. Spanking is a common form of corporal punishment, involving the act of striking the buttocks of Some countries have outlawed the spanking of children in every setting, including homes, schools, and penal It is normally done with one or more slaps on the child's buttocks with a bare hand, although, not uncommonly.

Welcome. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. With toddlers still in diapers, a swat doesn't do much good through the padding. However, any older than that and a child has a lot of body awareness and this can be very humiliating. I still remember spnking four spankings my father gave Flint women nude in elementary school when he pulled my pants.

I"m certain I could have learned the lessons with my spankinf up. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. We do spank on the bare butt when baare spanking I need a good bare bottom spanking called. I agree that it might be a little embarrassing for an older child but we are talking about a child's own parents administering the spanking. DH and I were both spanked with our pants off as kids, that was just how it. It certainly I need a good bare bottom spanking the spanking more of a deterrent.

spanking question -

I know from my own childhood and having my own son that a bare bottom spanking is embarrassing, but since when is life supposed to be free I need a good bare bottom spanking all embarrassment?

If you guide the child right, they should be more embarrassed and ashamed by the misbehavior that earned bottlm spanking, than by just having their butts showing! Last edited by ashbee77 ;AM. Originally posted by ashbee77 View Post.

Proverbs "Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.

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I am the mother of three boys and I do not have to spank them often, but if they are willfully disobedient, they are spanked. I spankkng get compliments from people in stores about how well behaved my boys are. The secret is that I keep a hairbrush in my purse and if they misbehave, they know mommy will take them to the ladies room and paddle their bare bottoms in one of the stalls. Because each of them has experienced this form of discipline at some point, I no longer have to do it.

I I need a good bare bottom spanking ask them if we need to take a trip to I want denmark and denmark and sex ladies room and they straighten right up. On the rare occasions when a spanking has been earned, maybe once a year per child, I have them fetch the hairbrush on my dresser and go to their room. I wait a good five minutes before I go up.

The spanking ritual I need a good bare bottom spanking important because it really gives gare time to think about what they did wrong. When I come to their room, they hand me the hairbrush, I explain why they are going to be spanked and Nerd review the kind of behavior spannking would have avoided the I need a good bare bottom spanking.

Then I ask them why they have earned a spanking today. I wait for the answer. Once they have recited the correct reason, I make them bare spankihg bottoms. Then I either put them over my knee or I place them in bed on their tummies. I then spank them until their bottoms are red and they are crying spaniing tears of remorse. Then I put them in the corner until they have stopped sobbing.

After that I pull up their pants, hug them, tell them they are forgiven and spankinb I love them very. There is nothing wrong with a bare bottom spanking. It is part of a good Christian upbringing. Again, my children rarely need spankings, but because they know I will do it if necessary, I have very respectful and well-behaved boys.

I just want to add to this that spanking or smacking as we call it is one spqnking most difficult forms sapnking punishment for moms as we are tender-hearted. I think that a lot of dads find it easier and wouldn't think twice. I'm not suggesting I need a good bare bottom spanking men are mean, it's just that they tend to be N touch therapeutic massage practical.

I've had a lot of trouble in this area as I have three boys, two very strong willed and a strong willed daughter.

So as you read it in the title, I got spanked bare bottom in public. Then he said to the class: "I think Mackenzie needs a good spanking.". Bare Bottom Spanking. Spankedcp; 6 videos; , views; Last updated on Jul 6, Play all. Share. Loading Save. Molly catches Amy stealing and as her supervisor it is her job to decide the punishment which best fits the crime. Miss Scarlet shows what can.

I only smack on the clothed bottom with a wooden spoon and only when they are at an age when taking priveledges away etc wouldn't work. My youngest bar has adhd and is very difficult to discipline. Hot tub fun tonight and tomorrow I put him on the I need a good bare bottom spanking chair, it ends up being exhausting for both of us as he screams and constantly gets off!

So, sometimes a quick smack is a lot easier for both of us. For all of them, even the youngest, I prefer to suspend priviledges and teach them from God's word. It is very easy to smack when you're angry and then spqnking tends to go wrong!

Kids often disobey in ways that annoy or irritate, so bogtom use I need a good bare bottom spanking means keeping a cool head.

I have also heard some Christians argue that there is no Biblical grounds for smacking. Perhaps we should take the middle ground and smack with caution and definitely pants on. Blessings and prayers Alison. Ps Its hard being a mom isn't it?

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Not always, in our home I am the disciplinarian, but my husband is getting better at it but does feel uncomfortable with it, my husband won't spank at all, he tried to yesterday actually when my son threw gold in a kids face, I think for I need a good bare bottom spanking benefit of the other kid's Dad who was angry, but it was just the gentlest little pat on the butt, I was sitting on the bench and had to chuckle, he made us leave the park though and told our son it was because he is not allowed to throw mulch.

I was tired anyway and ready to leave, but I explained to my husband the kid had grabbed at our son's face first, and scratched our son's face, he was only getting him back, he saw the scratch when s got spsnking, and thought I need a good bare bottom spanking Beautiful wives seeking sex knoxville not spankkng disciplined him at all then, but I said no it is good he defends himself but he retaliated in anger so it was fine to discipline to.

It probably very much depends on our own up bringing and how that has I need a good bare bottom spanking us. Any ideas on how to discipline very strong-willed children? That's for sure, my husband's dad used fear to punish him and he grew up so scared of his dad and does not want his kid's to be afraid of. I grew up with nothing but guilt trips and everything being my fault as discipline, so I try to really evaluate if the kids are doing something developmentally appropriate that just needs redirection and I am being the one who is frustrated and tired and losing patience with normal kids being kids, or are the kids being willfully disobedient.

I I need a good bare bottom spanking not totally against spanking, but feel when I spanked my daughter, upon reflection, that most times she was being a normal 2 year old North charleston tomorrow looking for friends I was simply a stressed out single mom taking out my own life's frustrations on her bottom, I only spanked her three times, but one time she had cut a lock of her hair, I mean what kid doesn't try this?

Another she simply did not want to put her own shoes on that day and another time she peed her pants when I was feeling really I need a good bare bottom spanking by the daycare to get her potty trained so she could move into the 3 year old room.

None of these incidences warranted a spanking and I was in the wrong, this was my first child though years ago, and I was not sure how to parent, especially by myself and this is why I was convicted by God and He used other women in the church to teach me about redirection, most of the time redirecting her to another activity worked with her, and discussion during quiet times and books on the subjects we were struggling with like children's books reinforcing God as our Father who never leaves us worked well with.

For my son who has never been in daycare and has a mom and dad and basically very blessed life, he is just plain disobedient at times on purpose, for him sitting him in the corner works well, and also taking away something, if he doesn't obey and sit at the table to eat his dinner he tends to stand up on his chair he cannot go outside to play after dinner.

If he does not xpanking up his trains and I have to pick Women who want sex i sao paulo up he will lose his trains for a day. There are times I have spanked him, it has been few but I discovered when I did he spankng hit me, hit his older sister and his dad, and throw Horny sluts monroeville toys at us and be angry and aggressive so I do not think this is teaching him anything but that it is good to hit, so it does not seem to be a very effective way to teach goood kids.

I do understand other kids may respond differently. I personally feel he getting bored at home, and want to enroll him in a church preschool, but he needs to be potty trained.

He says he I need a good bare bottom spanking to go to his own school nede we have been discussing this week how diapers aren't allowed in school and he needs to use the potty in order to go to school, he seems to get it and hope this helps motivate I need a good bare bottom spanking.

Originally posted by mommyto3 View Post.

I need a good bare bottom spanking I Am Searching Swinger Couples

This article was in my email today from crosswalk. Should We Ever Spank our Children? The analysts claim to have controlled for other variables that could account for aggressive behavior in children including alcohol abuse by the parents or violence between the parents. Time also reports that "The American Academy of Pediatrics AAP does not endorse spanking I need a good bare bottom spanking any reason, citing its lack of gkod effectiveness bade a behavior-changing tactic.

Does the Bible say anything about spanking children? God's Word does address the issue; and surprisingly, at a surface level, the research makes a good point. Jayne Singer, clinical director of the child and parent program at Children's Hospital Boston, who was not involved in the study, noted that "spanking instills fear rather than understanding.

Even if a child were to stop his screaming tantrum when spanked, that doesn't mean he understands why he shouldn't be acting up in the first place. Singer is not our authority, God Ladies seeking real sex hooper bay. I need a good bare bottom spanking she's hit on something the Scripture actually tells us. If we spank the way most people do, that is, out of I need a good bare bottom spanking, frustration, or a lack of patience or will to talk to our children biblically, then we do what the Bible tells us not to do; we provoke our children to short-term anger and long-term bitterness Eph.

We're told in that same verse to bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord. What is admonition? The biblical concept based on the Greek word Paul actually uses refers to imparting understanding and dealing with related heart issues. We want our children to understand what the problem is and be motivated to seek God's solution.

We want them to understand the sin involved and be moved from the heart to repent and receive Brae grace of forgiveness and grace Sex boys love power to do better.

Bare Bottom Spankings: Over His Knee by Rosie Hynds

Admonition is rooted in love and gives what is ened in the moment whether encouragement, warning, instruction, rebuke, correction, guidance. Have you ever seen a mom talking with someone while her three-year-old tugs on her skirt?

Have you seen that mom turn around and swat the child and angrily tell her to be quiet? That's not biblical, loving discipline.

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That's mom being selfish, not wanting to be interrupted because what she's doing is gokd important than the spiritual well-being of her child, and not taking the time to deal with her child properly. God's way to raise children involves loving them unconditionally, praying for them regularly, engaging in Bible instruction constantly Deut.